Saturday, July 18, 2020

Covid -19 Observations, CT, MA, USA 2020-07

Here are some interesting covid-19 details from Wikipedia, that cover from early March until today, July 18, 2020. Look carefully at the graph buttons to understand what parameters the charts are illustrating.

Nationwide, new cases have taken a steep climb since June 1st, but, if you look at the CT and MA new case charts that follow, you'll see that CT and MA, both, have continuing longterm downward trends, despite the roughly weekly ups and downs on the CT and MA charts.


CT has been continuing a downward longterm new case trend since late April.

Despite two huge spikes in late April and late May, MA reported highs and lows have been trending downward since early May.

Death rates across the USA have been showing an almost predictable weekly cycle of drops and rises since early April, though July is showing a nationwide increase.

Despite all the CT governmental hype about how well CT is handling the situation, there is no Wikipedia charting of those who have died in CT.

However, MA charting of deaths shows a clear declining trend from late April to the present, with the same kind of weekly ups and downs as the national averages for those same periods.

This is not a prediction nor a scientific analysis. However, the data does have longterm observational value. An analogy to describe the generally documented trends of this disease is as if someone took a superball, or golfball, and slammed it into the pavement, and that we are now watching it slowly lose momentum as its energy dissipates (aside from the numerically rare large spikes on the charts).

I hope this is an encouragement for the reader. God bless you as you set your heart, mind, and spirit on His Christ, for real peace and success are only in Him (Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1, Isaiah 9:6, John 3, Romans 1, James 1).

Craig M. Szwed 2020-07-18
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