Monday, July 2, 2018

Common Sense Weapons Rules

Craig's Weapons Rules

1. IF I have weapons related questions, I need to talk with someone whom I can trust.
2. ANYTHING with which I can potentially damage life or property is a potential weapon.
3. I am ALWAYS responsible for how I store, maintain, and use every weapon that I possess.
4. I MUST ALWAYS assume that every firearm is loaded, and I MUST CHECK that EVERY firearm breach, chamber, and magazine is safely secured.
5. I MUST NEVER finger the trigger of a firearm UNTIL I am ready to pull its trigger on a clear target, so that ONLY the INTENDED TARGET will be hit by my bullet.
6. I MUST ALWAYS aim the muzzle of MY firearm in the safest direction that I can find at that time... AND, I MUST NEVER aim ANY weapon at ANYTHING that I do not intend to deliberately hit, damage, or destroy.
7. I MUST SECURE my weapon whenever I am not actively engaging a target, or demonstrating or cleaning my weapon, whether it is a firearm or some other weapon. A SECURE WEAPON is one that I have personally put into a condition in which it is LEAST likely to present a hazard to me, other people, creatures, or property.
8. I MUST ALWAYS BE ALERT! A safe weapon plan a moment ago may no longer be safe. I MUST constantly EVALUATE whether any recent change in my environment makes it necessary for me to change the way I am securing my weapon. I am ALWAYS responsible for how I and others use MY weapon.
9. I AM RESPONSIBLE for weapons that I hand to other people. I MUST NEVER hand MY weapons to anyone whom I cannot trust 100% to protect the lives and property around me. I need to KNOW that that person, with whom I share MY weapon, can safely handle it. Even if someone is charming, friendly, or smart, that doesn't mean he/she knows weapon safety.
10. When I handle or fire any weapon, I AM RESPONSIBLE for what the weapon or its projectile does. I cannot blame my weapon for my decisions. I MUST NOT ASSUME that my weapon's projectile shall go straight, even if it usually does. I AM responsible for ANY and ALL damage I cause with my weapon.
11. IF weapons handlers near me won't practice weapons safety, then I MUST secure and remove MY weapons, then move to a location of greater safety.