Monday, December 22, 2014

MRAPs, Deputies, Politics, and Our Constitution

There is much going on in our Nation, today, to polarize and demoralize U.S. citizens, including the issue of MRAPs in local police departments. The real question is whether or not we shall choose the right path, to do right, as individuals, despite the modernistic relativism that plagues our society. Are we going to abide by moral and social absolutes to do what is right? Or shall we cave in to fear, worldly power, convenience, or popularity? Shall we allow fear-mongers or elitists to pit us against one another, so that they can divide and conquer us to suit their own desires and ambitions? In opposition to destructive worldly influences, we MUST cling to our Foundations, as President Kennedy is seen saying in the third video below (time-stamp 22:18).

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Citizens of America, WAKE UP!!

We, the People of our nation need to WAKE UP to the kind of life to which our Constitution calls us. Stop the political name calling and trite social aphorisms. Internet jokes, whining, and blame setting will NOT fix our Nation. Many, if not most, of We, the People, have become fearful, immoral, and lazy, in body, mind, and spirit. In his Gettysburg Address, Lincoln, hopefully posited, "that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Our Civil War, or War of Northern Aggression, was NOT won by General George B. McClellan, as he was not a man willing to risk assertiveness on the battlefield. Oh, he could dress up an army and make it drill efficiently, but he was timid and retiring when it came to the battlefield. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

What Is Christian Humility?

Contrary to our human nature of self-interest, somewhere between self-love and self-loathing there is a balance point called humility. When we experience it, and even learn to live there, it is not that we try to think less of ourselves, but rather that we go beyond considering or dwelling on ourselves. In that place, we almost reflexively focus our attention on God, or on other people's needs, without considering ourselves. Like courage, which is doing what is right and needful despite the considerations of fear or risk to self, humility pushes us out of our natural self-protective inclinations.

A Semi-Parable About Ownership of Our Lives

A Parable About Our Lives

By Craig M. Szwed
Make believe that you're born into a farm community, which is your only means of survival. Think of your life and body, beginning at birth, as being loaned to you as a new, very costly, complicated, but relatively efficient piece of farm equipment, something that you definitely

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Modern 'Santa Claus' Attacks Christ of Christmas; Attacks God's Plan for Children!

Am I really the only person troubled by what Christmas has become, in practice, for what seems to be most people in our commercialized, industrialized culture, in the USA. Through all the advertising, secular displays, "I want" conversations, children with hyper-sensitive expectations of 'santa claus', and all the fantasy list making, I hear relatively few souls publicly or privately practicing or exercising biblical reasoning for this celebration. In practice, our culture seems to think that Jesus Christ is just another name tacked onto a religious holiday. Do people really think that they have the ability to assign the fantasy 'santa claus' many of the powers of God and Jesus Christ, teach their children all that, and somehow it will be OK with God to elevate 'santa claus' ideas and excitement over the importance of Christ? Over the last 30 years, I've seen that tendency and attitude even among some self-proclaimed Bible-believing churches and their members, when they divide their Christmas loyalties between Christ and "santa claus", paying lip service to Jesus at church while doing a full-blown 'santa' & reindeer decoration and deception, as some attempt to fool their children into thinking that some god-like mystical being is secretly looking and listening to the child's every move and wish, or because they are afraid of social ostracism if they reject the 'santa claus' myth to stand wholly in support of Jesus Christ.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Yes, They Make Mistakes... BUT, Do NOT Abandon Israel.

For eons, tribe after tribe, nation after nation, prejudice after prejudice are continuing to assault Israel, the man, the tribe, and the nation. God pronounced a particular blessing and curse on anyone or anything that associates itself with Israel (the children of Abraham), whether to align in friendship, to trifle with them out of meanness, or to engage as mortal enemies in battle. We all need to be mindful and careful of how we think, pray, speak, and act with regard to Abraham's descendents who are God's chosen people, the Jews, Israel, for we shall either bring God's blessings upon us for befriending Israel, or we shall bring God's curses and destruction upon us. The choice is ours.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Protests, Pillage, & Protection: US Citizen Rights & Responsibilities

Although our U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of lawful and responsible assembly, speech, and petition of grievances, it is sad to see that, once again, unbridled anger and unlawful violence and greed have savagely torn our nation, coast to coast, in response to the recent Grand Jury decision that was used as an excuse by some for their pillage of Ferguson, Missouri. Looters and angry protesters there, and across the USA, have forced their personal unrest & their numbers onto the innocent citizens whom they attack. The attackers have swarmed like army ants in many locations, in some places

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Political Correctness Versus God's Promises To Israel

There have been millennia of arguments about whether nations and peoples should or should not follow the One True God, the LORD (the Self-existing, the Eternal, One), and whether honor and respect should be afforded to His People, the Jews. Many groups and nations still try to deny or pull away from the LORD, and often disdain or seek to harm His people, even in this era in which so many souls seek for "political correctness" and insist on 'being nice' to almost anyone who isn't God, a biblical Christian, or a Jewish descendent of Abraham. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Political Correctness and Biblical Christianity

Although the Bible verses in Isaiah usually speak to God's Chosen People, the Jews, and to other nations, there are many prophetic passages in which we can learn of His GREAT salvation, events to come, and of His displeasure with many sinful things that we do as human beings. As I was reading the following verses, the first thing that came to mind is the way in which those who preach "politically correct" dogma demand what they want to hear and see in this world, without much or any regard for what God says about the given issues to which they want other people to bow and agree with them. 

Forked-Tongue President Threatens Congress

As old-time North American treaty breakers were said to “speak with forked tongue”, so it is that our current president continues to reverse and countermand his previous stances with regard to the use and abuse of executive powers and orders. What threats and abuses of power he once decried and dismissed, he now gingerly wields to try to blackmail the U.S. Congress, that he might force his amnesty of illegal aliens upon U.S. citizens. What he once claimed to disdain, he now seems to love, now that he’s had a taste of how, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton: Sir John Dalberg-Acton: 1834-1902)

It is high time for the U.S. Congress to start acting as if it believes our U.S. Constitution, time for Congress to push back the excesses of this presidency, and the excesses of prior presidents. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Make EVERY DAY Christmas for Someone Else!

The world has encouraged people to expend FAR TOO MUCH hype, superstition, and selfishness on the notion of what Christmas should be about. I encourage everyone to go back to the Bible and learn the truth about it and what it really means; what true gifts and giving are really all about. For an overview of the Nativity story, and the kind of giving that pleases God, read the first few chapters of Luke and John (and by all means, don't stop there, for the Bible is laden with examples of true giving that pleases God.)

Although the event in this video has nothing to do with the worldly notion of Christmas, yet it conveys a taste of the selfless spirit of what giving should mean to us at Christmas and every day of every year, a principle to which Christ Jesus shall hold all people accountable, since He is God's greatest gift to all people for all time.

Always give without grumbling or ever expecting anything in return. Give even when no one will ever know that you are the one who has provided the gift. Give to please God, as you seek His will about what to do. Do not give to please yourself, nor to win the approval of  any person. God bless you as you seek Him through His Word. You will learn much about good and evil by the way that you give.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

US 9th Circuit Court SUPPORTS Pro-Constitution Peruta Case

November 12th, 2014: 
UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT has upheld the pro-Rights position previously determined in lower Court, holding in favor of U.S. citizens' Second Amendment Rights. Historically, San Diego arbitrarily discriminated against many citizens via their "may issue" practices. This case has confirmed the lower Court's decision to support "shall issue" practices regarding carry license/permit applications that are based on self-defense reasons or arguments. Recent anti-Rights, anti-gun attacks against the lower Court's finding in our favor have continued to come in the form of various anti-gun groups trying to instill themselves into the process in attempts to influence the Court against citizen Rights. 

Ed Peruta is the Director of Connecticut Carry, a pro-Rights education, activism, and legal referral organization. For more information about Peruta, this case, and the pro-Rights Connecticut Carry organization, click here.

Here’s the link to the November 12, 2014 rejection of the anti-Rights appeal:

Let us bless the Lord Jesus Christ for this legal affirmation of our natural Human Right to self-defense.