Thursday, November 13, 2014

US 9th Circuit Court SUPPORTS Pro-Constitution Peruta Case

November 12th, 2014: 
UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT has upheld the pro-Rights position previously determined in lower Court, holding in favor of U.S. citizens' Second Amendment Rights. Historically, San Diego arbitrarily discriminated against many citizens via their "may issue" practices. This case has confirmed the lower Court's decision to support "shall issue" practices regarding carry license/permit applications that are based on self-defense reasons or arguments. Recent anti-Rights, anti-gun attacks against the lower Court's finding in our favor have continued to come in the form of various anti-gun groups trying to instill themselves into the process in attempts to influence the Court against citizen Rights. 

Ed Peruta is the Director of Connecticut Carry, a pro-Rights education, activism, and legal referral organization. For more information about Peruta, this case, and the pro-Rights Connecticut Carry organization, click here.

Here’s the link to the November 12, 2014 rejection of the anti-Rights appeal:

Let us bless the Lord Jesus Christ for this legal affirmation of our natural Human Right to self-defense. 

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