Friday, March 25, 2016

2nd Amendment Is Vital, BUT We MUST Repent

All discussions of the USA's Bill of Rights cannot be logically divested of the vital nature of "We, the People" being able to protect and defend ourselves against each other, AND, especially against overbearing government. THAT latter point, about overbearing government, was central to the conversations that our Forefathers had in framing our Founding Documents. They did NOT want to see their progeny and future generations become enslaved to or by any government, foreign or domestic.

Carly Fiorina Speaks About Leadership and Citizenship

These two speeches are WELL WORTH the listen.
Carly Fiorina July 2015:
Carly Fiorina March 2016:
This lady is direct, analytical, observant, compassionate, honest, and someone whose thoughts, opinions, and labors can help US citizens to gather the courage to reengage in the business of running our Nation from the bottom, which is our constitutional duty. As Fiorina points out, we must band together and put aside our fears, that we should take back our personal and constitutional responsibilities and duties in order to salvage our Nation from continuing in the “business as usual” politics that has plagued us for the past 50 to 60 years.
Carly Fiorina, I salute you for your courage to speak out in favor of taking back our Nation by shouldering our duties and getting down to the work of rebuilding the USA by virtue of the Principles on which we are founded.

Monday, March 21, 2016

"To the Unknown God"? You CAN Know Him!!!

I trusted the Lord Jesus Christ over 32 years ago, on March 15th, 1984. Since then I've noticed a tragic tendency in the world, at tendency of which I was unaware until I did trust Jesus and His Word, the Bible. The tendency to which I refer is that the world blinds people to God and people love to be blinded so they can try to avoid thinking about their responsibilities and accountability to God. Here are some quick comparisons to demonstrate my point.

Instead of holding to Divine Absolutes of good and evil, the world pushes Relativism. Instead of trusting the Word of God and His promises, the world pushes Secularism. Instead of Faith in the exclusive things that God prescribes for our good, the world pushes the Paganism of Multiculturalism.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lust to Kill, or Duty to Defend?

Maybe I’m living in a cocoon, or I’m na├»ve, but I don’t think so. Yet, up until 3/15/2016, I had never heard that there is a media following of someone (whom I shan’t name) who is quoted as saying that he finally gets to kill someone… As if desiring or wanting to kill people were an attitude and behavior to which anyone should aspire in life.

Any responsible, moral, sane person knows that it IS necessary to be prepared to perform godly executions of evil doers, and that godly wars may be required to solve bad situations. However, the sad thing about some people’s thinking and attitude is that some folks don’t recognize that killing of our fellow human beings should be a last resort in dire circumstances, NOT a first choice, and certainly not for pleasure.

Monday, March 14, 2016

What IS Our Government's REAL Objective?

To re-phrase a dreadfully serious question that a good friend of mine shared with me, ...
... Exactly what is the strange or perverse objective that our government (or any government) has in mind to accomplish, when that government insists it cannot accomplish said objective as long as we law-abiding citizens are armed with the weapons of our own choice?
A rational person needs to ask herself or himself why government and those backing it are more worried about the habits and property of law-abiding citizens than about the conduct of criminals.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

3/3/2016: 2 Children & 2 Adults on GOP Stage

I am writing this blog post as the GOP debate is raging in Detroit. To be honest, tonight's GOP debate looks and sounds as if there are two children and two adults on the stage. Kasich is behaving like a true president and statesman, with Cruz a close second in conduct and self control.

On the other hand, Trump and Rubio are, again, tied for the "most childish performance of the night" award. The persistent squabbling of Trump and Rubio makes it look as if those two are really campaigning for the Democrats and Socialists, and their petty personal attacks appear to be with the GOP's blessing.

As a Conservative Constitutionalist voter, I am disgusted with the petty, whining behaviors of Trump and Rubio. The longer that they rant at each other the less presidential they both sound and look. Their inability to disengage from each other and their failure to focus on significant issues in detail proves their lack of preparedness to awesome the presidency. Besides, Trump and Rubio make it look as if they are doing everything in their power to undermine the Conservative movement in our Nation, by angering and embarrassing many of us who have stood in support and defense of our Constitution and dared to call ourselves Conservatives.

The ongoing Trump-Rubio Punch and Judy Show passed the point of any potential redemptive social value several debates ago. They need to get over each other and get on with issues that are important to voters. The apparent sado-masochistic public relationship of Trump and Rubio needs to be curtailed and dismissed from this election. Their shameful, un-presidential cat fights are doing grievous harm to our conservative and constitutional causes. They are not acting as leaders but as self-absorbed narcissists, something that any self respecting voter can see. Trump and Rubio are alienating conservative and other voters. I even heard a voter recently discussing the possibility of deliberately registering as Republican in order to be able to vote against Trump... And where one is saying that, how many others are also contemplating the same action. If the Trump-Rubio chaos is not stopped quickly, and a strong unified platform of issues and candidates formed, then their foolishness will probably cost US citizens our Constitution and the future of our Nation.

I submit that of the four candidates on the stage tonight, only Kasich and Cruz are of presidential character and fit to occupy our Nation's White House.