Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kicking Against Law & The Pricks of the Holy Spirit

We are really in a sad state of affairs in our modern U.S. society. We have more kinds of law than all the Commandments that God Himself gave to Moses! We have more kinds of law and regulation than was ever dreamt or intended in our Constitution, with which God allowed us to begin our new Nation. God is trying to tell us that we need to depend on HIM, rather than indulging our desire to make laws that we end up eventually breaking. One hundred and eight years of ineffective and broken gun-control laws have proven that principle "in spades!"

Monday, April 27, 2015

Useful Self-Defense Tools Save Lives

People Being Saved By Guns STILL Has Consequences For Everyone

By Craig M. Szwed

Whether the reader is afraid of firearms, afraid of the people who use them legally or illegally, or even if one is a well-trained and experienced law-abiding armed citizen, we ALL need to remember that the use of firearms, for evil OR for protection, can have serious consequences.

Watch these five episodes of "People Saved By Guns" and listen to the emotional upheaval of the victims and shooters, as well as the relative attitudes of news media around the country as they process the events involved in even the most obvious self-defense shootings against robbery, assault, or home invasions. Some media outlets are more sympathetic to the defender, as are some police, BUT, the bottom line is what happens when all the evidence and testimony gets to the respective prosecutors' office for that locale. As the old saying goes, "It ain't over 'til it's over!"

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Walt Kelly's POGO: The Enemy is Us

More than all the power mongers and politicians put together, it is we, the American People, the citizens, who have allowed this present political mess to come to pass, by our own failure to occupy our responsibilities as citizens. For power and responsibilities that are not yielded by the citizens cannot be accumulated elsewhere by those who would keep those to themselves, and therewith strive to subjugate the citizens.

Too long have we Americans lived in willful ignorance or willful despair failing to get off our too tired, too lazy, too busy, or too fearful derrieres and get back into the fight that we never should have left. Eternal vigilance has no sabbaths nor vacations, but is indwelt and enlivened by the confidence of our common language and Documents, our abilities, our faith, our constant watchfulness, appropriate training, and proper, timely communications, to deal with all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I reapply, to the moral, spiritual, social, and political scenes, the following POGO cartoon quote from cartoonist Walt Kelly:

It’s way past time for everyone to start pulling their own weight to get busy shoveling and bagging the trash of society and politics! 

Christian Life, Weapons, & Resisting Evil

Christian Life, Weapons, & Resisting Evil

By Craig M. Szwed

I am a Bible-believing Christian and a Constitutionalist. I believe that those documents are, respectively, the owner's manual and owner's social contract for Christians here in these United States. I believe that we must accept, use, and honor the Bible and Constitution, as written. Those aspects of my life upset a lot of people. Many admire that I stand strongly "for something", but do not seem to want participate in it themselves. Those who wish to accompany me on this amazing adventure are welcome.

I'm not going to argue the merits of the Scriptures or the Constitution to defend them, any more than I'd argue with a burglar about the merits of whether a particular firearm or guard dog is what I should be using to protect my home. However, I want to try to clarify some of the confusion that exists about whether Christians can and should be ready to defend themselves, their loved ones, their communities, their homes, and whether the Second Amendment to our Constitution has a place in Christian life.

VA Benefits Can Bite Vets' Rights

To ALL my fellow veterans... BE VERY CAREFUL when applying for VA benefits! Consider the implications and consequences of signing up for VA handouts... even if you really deserve or need them!! Whatever reason you give for requesting benefits, that could be turned into a governmental justification for depriving you of constitutional Rights. This is no joke! Certain politicians have been running around stirring up the public by saying that all veterans are PTSD-crazy and shouldn't have guns, yet they are probably hiring PTSD-ridden former cops or military, as their personal bodyguards. The PTSD-fearing anti-gun mania has worked its way into doctors offices and the Veterans Administration... and they want to manage our finances too, from the looks of it.

U.S. Army
Viet Nam War
Class of 1967

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What Side of the Fence Shall We Choose?

Here's my latest YouTube video on my Up The Constitution! channel

It tackles some hard lessons that Jesus Christ posed to His disciples, and with which Christ still challenges all of us, today, to ask ourselves which side of the eternal fence we shall choose to be on.

We must remember that putting off a decision is also a choice that has consequences, as Christ pointed out in Luke 16:19-31.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Governmental Mal-Intent: Proven Again

We have heard of Operation Choke Point and de-throned, anti-gun, former Attorney General, Eric Holder. We have heard of President Obama's nomination of anti-gun, asset forfeiture queen, Attorney General candidate, Loretta Lynch. But is anyone paying attention to the governmental attack pattern that continues to infringe and impinge upon law-abiding citizens? In this age of instant, reliable, online searches and information, some people still doubt that the government would ever willfully abuse law-abiding citizens. 

US Veterans Check Your Social Security Account

It was recently brought to my attention that US Veterans, who served on active duty between 1957 THROUGH 1967, should take their DD214 to a Social Security Admin office near them and get their wage earning dates of service entered into their Social Security records. Here is the reason:

The issue appears to be that somehow military FICA wages were supposed to have been reported and credited after 1957, but that those were, evidently, not always properly credited to the accounts of all military personnel. Advise all veterans you know to double-check their DD214 for service dates and to get their DD214 and their service dates correctly recorded by Social Security. This may or may not have a direct monetary affect on one's retirement income from Social Security.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bullies and Evil Win If We Don't Fight Them

We must find ways to encourage our fellow citizens to become more active in the exercise of their constitutional responsibilities and our political process. This is critical, if we ever hope to pull our state and nation out of the destructive slide on which it is currently slipping, away from our Constitution and its Law. 

The social, spiritual, and political apathy, disgust, and fear, that are rampant among so many of our citizens, are not legitimate excuses for any of us to neglect the full exercise of our constitutional responsibilities. We cannot demand our rights if we choose to not shoulder and exercise our responsibilities. Lest we end up condemning ourselves by our own complaints, we must remember that bullies and evil will always win if no one will stand up and fight against them.

Jade Helm 15: Off-base Training With Off-base Focus

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Heart Wants What It Wants... But Is It Right?

We probably all know the saying, "The heart wants what it wants!" There is a wealth of truth in that saying, but to what part of its wisdom do we pay attention? So often that saying has been used to justify all sorts of thoughts and actions in life, including justifying decisions that harm other people while pleasurably indulging our own fleshly desires. Usually that saying or the thought is invoked to push away external authority or personal responsibility, as we embrace our own lust. Too often the saying is used to neglect or block contemplation of the consequences of our actions, including our accountability to God for what we are about to do.

Despicable Who? Minions? Martial Law?

Ever wonder what martial law is or what it would be like if imposed here in the USA? Most U.S. citizens live a very "head in the sand" existence, which is greatly appreciated, and even loved, by our government and many officials in it. Because of our "ostrich-like" attitudes and behaviors, the Despicable among us can rise to positions of great wealth, power, and control, even to become President, where it has become all too easy for them to pass edicts that disregard our Founding Principles, Documents, and Law. The Minions of such Despicables eagerly dance to the tunes played for, up to, and including the highest levels of our government. The Minions frolic blithely in the discordant and dissonant reign and rain of unconstitutional infringements that poison the constitutional harmony that is supposed to infuse the rest of our nation. 

Center for Urban Renewal and Education Speaks Up

Are you looking for refreshing, constructive, biblical, and constitutional commentary about current events?

Click this link for current and archived articles discussing moral, political, and constitutional concerns raised by Star Parker and the Center for Urban Renewal and Education.

Anti-gun Rage Neglects Motor Vehicle Deaths & Gang Activity

Anti-gun Rage Neglects Motor Vehicle Deaths & Gang Activity
By Craig M. Szwed

Anti-gun people, and their movement, rant and rave against firearms. They rant and rave about wanting to protect children. They spend millions upon millions of dollars to take firearms and constitutional Rights away from law-abiding citizens. Yet, they ignore criminals, and hope the police are sufficient. They deny how few children are hurt or killed as a result of firearms use, or ownership, by law-abiding citizens. They overlook the tens of thousands of children who are involved in close calls, or injured, or killed as the result of something to do with motor vehicles, or drawn into gang violence. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Congress To De-Fund UN Arms Treaty? Will They Stop the UN Threat?

It looks like more constitutionally-minded and politically conservative members of the U.S. Congress are pushing to restrict and curtail the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty by blocking U.S. taxpayer money from supporting the UN anti-firearms, anti-sovereignty treaty: 

Connecticut Senators Blumenthal and Murphy are still snuggled WAY TOO CLOSE to Obama's sphere of influence and effluence. We do NOT want our Senators bowing and scraping as sycophants to the President's anti-firearms, anti-Rights whims. 

Citizens of Connecticut need to recall Senators Murphy and Blumenthal, and then appoint NEW Senators who will honor their oaths of office to support and defend our Constitution, and in so doing also be constitutionally responsive to the citizens in this state. We do NOT need 'yes men', but elected officials with the courage to stand and defend what our forefathers fought for and established in our Bill of Rights.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Connecticut Carry: Rational Defender of Natural Human Rights

Connecticut Carry is a strong voice of reason in defense of our natural and constitutional Rights pertaining to firearms. Connecticut Carry sets the public record straight repeatedly, without apology for telling the truth or for exposing the hypocrisy and attacks of those who seek to destroy our State and Federal Constitutions and our Rights.

Anti-Rights Crowd Continues Attacks on Constitution

The anti-rights, anti-arms crowd is doing everything in their power to undermine and overturn every constitutional restoration that the courts have made. 

Here’s one of the recent cases in point:

NOT ONE OF US can afford to stop supporting and defending our Constitution, because the enemies of our Constitution are not stopping their attacks against it.