Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Messianic Hope for Jews, Israel, & All Souls

I've previously posted that God has chosen and not forsaken the Jews who are the Israel of God. I'm speaking of those whom God calls the real Israel, Jews who seek the LORD God biblically, not just the physical descendents of Abraham. From Exodus , Joshua, 2 Samuel, and Ezekiel, and throughout the Bible, God makes clear distinctions between those who only say that they believe versus those who accept His Word and therefore put their faith into the actions that please God

For those who would take offense at that premise, God says the same thing to Christians, who have followed the Jew Jesus, the earthly descendent of Adam, Abraham, David, and above all the Christ of God, the Creator. Furthermore, God calls all souls out of all religions and cultures to heed His Word and salvation, that each might walk with Him in His truth and eternal peace. While many seek to dispute the claims of Christ Jesus, yet, many from all walks of life accept, trust, and embrace Jesus Christ and His salvation. 

Even as the rest of the Bible is filled with prophecy, the Book of Isaiah is replete with prophetic references to the coming, the ministry, the sufferings, the glory, the redemption, and the eternal mission of Yeshua or Yashua, who is none other than the historical Christ, Jesus, who rose from the dead to prove His power over sin and death. In Chapter 40, through the end of the Isaiah, there are many promises of the coming Messiah, all foretold hundreds of years prior to the bodily arrival of the Christ, Jesus

Here, I offer Isaiah 61 and Isaiah 62 as encouragements to all the Israel of God, that they might find true peace and courage for the coming days of tribulation, for the time of Jacob's Trouble seems that it cannot be far off, given all the fulfilled biblical prophecies and the state of world events.

I urge all souls to settle your spiritual accounts, now, and be found in the redemption of God's Messiah, in order to escape the coming judgments. God's redemption is not for Israel alone, but for all humanity.

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