Monday, April 27, 2015

Useful Self-Defense Tools Save Lives

People Being Saved By Guns STILL Has Consequences For Everyone

By Craig M. Szwed

Whether the reader is afraid of firearms, afraid of the people who use them legally or illegally, or even if one is a well-trained and experienced law-abiding armed citizen, we ALL need to remember that the use of firearms, for evil OR for protection, can have serious consequences.

Watch these five episodes of "People Saved By Guns" and listen to the emotional upheaval of the victims and shooters, as well as the relative attitudes of news media around the country as they process the events involved in even the most obvious self-defense shootings against robbery, assault, or home invasions. Some media outlets are more sympathetic to the defender, as are some police, BUT, the bottom line is what happens when all the evidence and testimony gets to the respective prosecutors' office for that locale. As the old saying goes, "It ain't over 'til it's over!"

Those who say that guns should be taken away from law-abiding citizens have obviously never really thought about their own potential suffering or death at the hands of illegally armed intruders, as the videos demonstrate about victims trying to keep from being harmed or killed by those with evil intent.

On the other hand, those citizens who think that everything will be all rosy for them, if they need to defensively shoot an intruder, also have some serious rethinking to do. Even though one may be cleared by the criminal justice system there could still be civil legal action brought against a defensive shooter. This has happened repeatedly across our nation, and I suspect that such civil actions are probably more prevalent in states that do NOT have "castle doctrine" or "stand your ground" laws. Learn your state's laws and NEVER assume that you are going to be legally justified, no matter how awful the attack may have been against you.

When the shooting is over, ALWAYS, if possible, be the first one to call 911 to notify authorities that you were attacked and were forced to legally defend yourself. Tell the 911 operator your name, where you are, and what you are wearing. You never know who else may be calling 911 and what they might be saying about you. Do NOT argue with anyone. Tell 911 that you need police and an ambulance. Do not go into a lot of details. Hang up and call family and your attorney!! Any questions about this, NOW? Look up the USCCA website about their post-shooting recommendations and insurance. Look up articles on the CT Carry website, educate yourself BEFORE you get forced into a shooting situation. 

Immediately call your family to let them know you are ok, but do NOT dwell on details. Tell them that they are NOT to talk to police or anyone else about the incident without your attorney present. Hang up and ALWAYS call your firearms defense attorney IMMEDIATELY after your family, and before the police get there. Here in Connecticut I follow Connecticut Carry's recommendation of Attorney Rachel Baird

When police get there be sure your weapon is holstered. Have your permit out and ready, with your hands in plain sight in non-threatening posture. Tell police that you were attacked and had to defend yourself, AND that you are willing to fill them in once you have been able to get checked out by medical staff, calm down, and talk with your attorney. Anything that you say in an agitated, post-shooting state of mind, to anyone, including press, friends, family, or police may come back to bite you in a grand jury hearing about a self-defense shooting, or it may be used in any court. I've read that it is very tempting to blurt out allsorts of stuff to try to make sense of what happened immediately after even ajustified shooting.

Be safe. Be alert. Avoid dangerous situations. Get out of the path of attackers as fast as possible, as you try to establish a safe or defensible position in which to protect yourself or those with you. Remember that having to draw one's firearm in defense of self or others should always be a last resort, but that we should also always be ready to face whatever comes our way, by God's mercy. Whether you have to pull the trigger in a deadly encounter, or not, you will NEVER forget the incident and its consequences.

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