Sunday, April 5, 2015

Connecticut Carry: Rational Defender of Natural Human Rights

Connecticut Carry is a strong voice of reason in defense of our natural and constitutional Rights pertaining to firearms. Connecticut Carry sets the public record straight repeatedly, without apology for telling the truth or for exposing the hypocrisy and attacks of those who seek to destroy our State and Federal Constitutions and our Rights.

I've been doing volunteer editing for CT Carry, and contributing articles to the newsletter, for over a year and a half. In that time, I've experienced a shared eagerness to pursue truth, and to require proof of information and soundness of facts, before they print anything. Even op-ed comments are carefully screened and edited so that erroneous and spurious information are NOT shared or promoted.

Connecticut Carry ( embraces strong opinions about the natural and constitutional Rights of all law-abiding U.S. and Connecticut citizens. Whereas anti-Rights and anti-firearms attackers use fear and irrational arguments to intimidate or inspire their followers, Connecticut Carry challenges and inspires firearms enthusiasts and the public to THINK RATIONALLY about the issues. CT Carry urges all of us to derive our opinions and conclusions from natural and constitutional Law that have righteously sustained law-abiding citizens throughout our history, when applied in a godly manner. CT Carry also challenges us to boldly, rationally, and civilly support and defend our Rights, as law-abiding citizens.

Constitutional Law, language, and due process are among some of the key concerns of this pro-Rights organization, which is not afraid of facts, especially those facts that are grounded in scientific and constitutional truth. Connecticut Carry continues to prove itself on paper, in dealings with the public, its members, government officials, and in the courts. Connecticut Carry is not afraid to fight for what is constitutionally right. A websearch for CT Carry reveals a host of their battles in defense of our State and Federal Constitutions and our Rights.

Connecticut Carry is a "force multiplier" for its membership in the cause of Civil Rights. It strongly encourages member participation, input, and scrutiny, and this organization is financially transparent to all members.

Sign up with Connecticut Carry, today, to engage and support this important struggle for the free exercise of our Rights, and to follow the monthly newsletters that provide timely commentary about current events in Connecticut, and around the U.S.

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