Saturday, January 30, 2016

USA WAY DOWN on Murder Rate List Compared to Anti-gun Cultures

Now that Election 2016 politicking is gaining a more feverish tempo, and our lame duck president is facing his last few months in office, we hear him and the anti-gun crowd make more and more arguments for more gun control. The Liberals, Moderates, and Socialists load their unconstitutional anti-firearms agendas with ignorant or deliberate lies against the true nature of firearms ownership and use. The anti-gun crowd, also, severely distorts the international, comparative data, in attempts to dupe the public into thinking that the Liberals, Moderates, and Socialists care about public's safety. The crazy thing is that many of them BELIEVE their own distorted hype and gladly drink their own Kool-Aid. The following link touches on the discussion of where the USA ranks in relation to the rest of the world, when discussing per capita murder statistics. I hope you will find this link helpful as you sort through the anti-gun crowd's lies about the firearms ownership and the use of firearms by responsible law-abiding U.S. citizens:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

God Defines Phony Repentance

I read Jeremiah Chapter 34 in my Bible, this morning. I was impressed with the detail and clarity of how God demonstrates and defines for us exactly what phony repentance looks like, and how much God despises phony repentance.

If we would apply this lesson to our sin in our lives, we should have a better relationship with God and with each other, but our nature is to self-willed sin and because of that willful sin nature we need to surrender to the only one who can save us from ourselves, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator.

May God bless and keep you, as you seek Him in and through His Word.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Web Visit Stats: People Seem Colder To God's Christ & Salvation

Today is January 26, 2016. I just did a survey of my website statistics, with particular interest in how many people have looked at the gospel and salvation information that I have posted on my website. My site has been active 24/7/365 since April of 2010, so this gospel page has been accessible to the whole world since it went live, April 2010.

Below is a table listing the completed annual tallies of website visitors to I have compared the total number of visitors with the number of people who visited my website's gospel page at least once.

What do the statistics really indicate? Only God knows. However, when looking at the totals and the relative percentages, there appears to be a significant decline in the number of people who are interested in God's Christ, gospel, and His singular salvation. Are the percentage results in this survey a true indicator of the spiritual temperature of the souls in today's world? I don't know. I do know that the Bible says that in the last days humanity's love will grow cold. The directional indications of the numbers and comparisons, below, seem to agree with the Bible's eons-long statement.

# website viewers
# gospel viewers
% viewed gospel

Bless God that at least those 5,862 people looked at the gospel at least that once in their lives. May they now allow the Holy Spirit of Christ to lead them into His salvation, His peace, and His Works.

Dear Jesus, please help us to keep sharing Your good news of Your salvation with everyone around us. Help us to do so without wavering or faltering, that we be bold in all that is good in Your sight.

Friday, January 22, 2016

GOOD Stuff About Ted Cruz

Two VERY ENCOURAGING public messages:
Ted Cruz speaking.

More info:

Shall U.S. Citizens Still Allow Government to Dictate?

No matter what reasons people may give, there really is NO EXCUSE for our Nation being led down the decaying path that it is on. In spite of poor voter turnouts at the election polls, poor turnouts that have led to some very poor choices being allowed into our government halls over the past eighty years, or so, there really are more than enough citizens available and capable of stopping the decay of our Nation. Well, ... that is, IF..., IF we are willing to stop hiding and complaining, and then to start doing the WORK of being responsible citizens these United States of America.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Connecticut Carry Press Release: Police and Media Confuse Public About Simple Gun Law

From: Connecticut Carry Media Department
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 5:00 PM
To: Craig
Subject: Connecticut Carry - Press Release - Media and State Confuse the Open Carry Issue

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Media and State Confuse the Open Carry Issue

A simple concept becomes clouded and treacherous

View online here:

Bridgeport Connecticut, January 18, 2016: A common refrain anytime the state or local police in Connecticut screw up and arrest, detain or harass law-abiding citizens is that ‘the law is confusing’. There is no better example of this at play than in cases involving unconcealed (open) carry of handguns in Connecticut. Time and time again, we see police officers, paid and sworn to know and uphold the law, who have no idea what the law is. Or worse, they don’t care what the law is and will make up their own laws in the absence of laws that they want on the books.

This week, a great example of that police ignorance and arrogance popped up in Bridgeport, Connecticut. A man standing in a Subway restaurant trying to order his meal was stopped and detained by the Bridgeport police department. The police officer, later joined by his equally ignorant, but more aggressive Sergeant, harass the man and coerce the employees at the restaurant to ask the patron to leave. The police did indicate that the man was not doing anything illegal, that the call for service did not originate from the restaurant that he was attempting to patronize, and then, that they let him leave the restaurant without arrest.

In other articles and press releases in our archives, we have previously explained that, in the past, many police departments, including Bridgeport, have seen nothing illegal in their actions, actions motivated by their ignorance of or disregard for the specific language of Connecticut laws. In the past, Torrington confirmed that our educational message about the precise language and correct interpretation of the laws has been received by them. Wethersfield has confirmed the same.
The Connecticut State Police have also acknowledged this, but then clouded the issue with a poorly worded ‘Training Memo’. This training memo goes on to say:

If an individual purposefully refuses to produce such a permit, or properly identify themselves, then they may be subject to arrest for Interfering with an Officer, CGS 53a-167a, if the elements of that crime are present. – State Police Training Memo

Some State’s Attorneys have purportedly made comments to media organizations that a person's reluctance to automatically melt into subservient compliance and immediately whip out an ID somehow justifies an arrest, simply because a person, especially a law-abiding citizen, is not thrilled with the idea of being put on the spot or if the person refuses to show a permit while carrying openly. However, despite the wording of this memo, where it clearly dances around the issue and explains that you still have to have the other elements that constitute ‘Interfering with and Officer’, that memo was issued in 2013. Now, this is 2016.

Media has also played a role in obfuscating the "open carry" issue by stating that the laws were somehow confusing, even though the prevailing Connecticut Laws are startlingly clear on this issue. Various misleading statements have also clouded the recent Bridgeport incident by claiming that there was a caller from the Subway restaurant. Another claim was that "open carry" is somehow a new law, or interviewees were citing the state police memo, or local police, or quoting attorneys that have not read the law. All media should be more responsible by actually performing full research and then reporting only based on complete research.

In 2015, PA 15-216 was passed to address these issues. Before the Public Act, police implicitly needed Reasonable Articulable Suspicion of a crime to detain and demand identification from someone carrying unconcealed per Terry v Ohio and Hiibel v. Nevada. After the Public Act, we now have state law that explicitly demands that police have Reasonable Articulable Suspicion of a crime to detain and demand identification from someone carrying unconcealed.

Such holder shall present his or her permit upon the request of a law enforcement officer who has reasonable suspicion of a crime for purposes of verification of the validity of the permit or identification of the holder, provided such holder is carrying a pistol or revolver that is observed by such law enforcement officer. – PA 15-216

Another video, purportedly from the same day, shows another Bridgeport police officer apparently following the man into other stores and harassing him. When State or local police interpret what happened in Bridgeport as being a lawful use of police force it demonstrates that they are derelict in their duty. Any attempt to arrest, penalize or further harass someone in this kind of situation will be met with defense from the citizens of Connecticut.

The police behavior of harassing citizens who are carrying firearms legally, in the cited videos, is out of line for the Bridgeport Police Department, but sadly, not completely unpredictable. In fact, earlier the same month, that same police department settled with Michael Rearden to the tune of $30k for putting Mr. Rearden in a cage for 6 hours when he was observed carrying lawfully in a vehicle. In Mr. Rearden’s case, he showed his permit upon the first request. In the Subway Restaurant incident, the man refused to show his pistol permit since the police refused to establish their Reasonable Articulable Suspicion per PA 15-216. This is not the first time that police in Connecticut have failed to correctly apply Connecticut Law in their duties as police officers when it comes to this issue, nor is it the first time that they have been accurately informed of the law.

Connecticut Carry has been contacted by multiple police departments since the incident, as well as media outlets. Connecticut Carry has, and will continue to disperse proper information based on laws, case law, court decisions, and real data, to the media, police departments, and state agencies, per our mission statement.

In fact, Connecticut Carry has offered free training and seminars to any police department that will agree to attend training on these, or other issues. After all, educating our police serves to help everyone in this state, and makes Connecticut a safer place for our citizens and for our police.

Please join our organization:

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Support our organization:

“The idea that we are still hearing about misinformed and malicious police and state agencies in Connecticut is an indictment against the entire anti-rights executive branch of Connecticut government that has a duty to train their employees. It cannot get any simpler or clearer: There is no law stipulating how you carry your handgun if you have a Pistol Permit. There is no lawful way for a police officer to demand your permit unless he has Reasonable Articulable Suspicion. Case closed.” – Rich Burgess, President, Connecticut Carry

Connecticut Carry is a 501(c)(4) non-partisan, grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing and protecting the fundamental civil rights of the men and women of Connecticut to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and the state as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Connecticut.

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Connecticut Carry · PO Box 839 · North Branford, CT 06471 · USA

Monday, January 18, 2016

Obama's Gun Control?? White House Staffer Allegedly Threatens Police Boyfriend

Check the internet, and your local and national news to see where the name Barvetta Singletary pops up most frequently, and where reporter sympathies are placed. Political bulldogs for the Democrats have long made sport of any peccadillo committed by Republicans, and have seemed to particularly enjoyed attacking Conservatives. Let's see how the Democrats deal with this disaster in the heart of their camp. Maybe the White House will suggest taking all firearms away from our military and police, now that a policeman's girlfriend has been accused of threatening him with his own weapon.

In the following web search we see a recent incident committed by a member of President Obama's anti-gun staff, in which that Obama staffer allegedly illegally brandished a firearm, just as violent criminals and insane people do. Barvetta Singletary has been reported as being charged with having threatened deadly force in a situation that did NOT warrant such extreme conduct on her part.

This is SOME mug shot!! 

USCCA Concealed Carry Magazine: Excellent Info: Self-defense, Training, & Eyes On ANTI-GUN Politics

For anyone concerned about Human Rights, our terribly inconsistent "justice system", political denial of our Constitution and our Rights, or about firearms safety, the USCCA's Concealed Carry Magazine is a great source for accurate and timely information. The USCCA stands on, with, and for, our Constitution and our Rights. Not only do they help to rally and encourage responsible law-abiding citizens about responsible use of our firearms and support of our Second Amendment, but the USCCA also offers special promotions that help law-abiding firearms owners to train and to insure ourselves against improper legal actions against us, if/when we are forced to constitutionally defend ourselves with our firearms. Here is a link to their website, including the January 2016 magazine issue, which I hope will help spur Constitutionalists on to victory in this years elections. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Refugees, Immigrants, Sex Attacks, Terrorism: Is There Any Cause For Concern?

By now, lots of U.S. citizens have either seen or read about President Obama's final State of the Union speech. Besides lying to the public about our economy, the President glossed over our immigration system problems. He also accused many U.S. citizens of bigotry because we raise questions and alarms about existing immigration policy. Obama leveled hateful charges against anyone who raises questions about refugees, and most particularly with regard to Islamic refugees... though he never mentioned the middle and high security risk prisoners that were moved out of Guantanamo, nor did he mention the U.S. sailors who were held captive by Iran, nor did he mention the hostile missiles fired near U.S. warships.

Some would accuse me of trying to beat on the President. OK, let's give the President the benefit of any doubt for one moment, maybe he forgot or no one advised him about those issues... yeah, right! On the other hand, let's just do a Google search about terrorism and see what people around the world are concerned with about that topic:

O'Reilly Calls Obama Patriot? WHAT?!

I thought I had heard it all... BUT, last night, on his Fox Network TV program, Bill O'Reilly called President Obama a "patriot". WHAT?! Here it is:

Thursday, January 14, 2016

YES. Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz "Natural Born"

Among others who have raised the question of whether or not presidential candidate Ted Cruz should be in the race for the White House, presidential candidate Donald Trump recently brought that up, yet again. So let's see what a Google search finds... (evidently this is really a NON-ISSUE)....

In just a few seconds of web searching, I found a wealth of historical information that sets precedent after precedent confirming that all previous presidential candidates that were born to natural born U.S. citizens were accepted, no matter where the child was born.

In every case where the U.S. parent or parents happened to be living outside these United States of America at the time of the candidate's birth, every one of the candidates were later legally, constitutionally, and congressionally accepted as valid natural born U.S. citizens, and therefore, unquestionably eligible to be a President of our Nation.

Therefore, given the historical information available about Cruz's parents, any question of Ted Cruz's natural born citizenship should be favorably settled and closed, in the mind of any rational person, as the following article points out.

It is of special interest that, throughout 240 years of U.S.  history, the U.S. Supreme Court has never felt it necessary to rule on the authenticity of any presidential candidate's natural born citizenship status, including the birth, citizenship, and candidacy of Senator Barry Goldwater who was born in Arizona before it ever became a State in the USA.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

State of Union Shows President In La-La Land

Having spoken with a few random souls, today, I am guessing that most of the hard working tax paying citizens of these United States of America are VERY disappointed and even angered by President Obama's last State of the Union message. He said the economy is better and that millions of jobs were created during his regime. That is nonsense to all those people who are busting their humps, working two, three, or four jobs to make ends, meet for their families.
The President continued his practice of finger pointing and blaming others for the failures of his regime. Our Iran loving president slammed anyone who raises legitimate immigration and national security questions, saying that there is no place for concerns or security profiling based on people's backgrounds or beliefs. How quickly the president has forgotten that the sloppy U.S. visa program allowed one of the San Bernardino terrorists to exercise her violent premeditated desires because our visa system permitted it, having failed to properly check her background. THAT is the kind of refugee and immigration tolerance that Obama supports, and which goes hand in hand with Hillary Clinton's Benghazi style international crisis management skills.
Our lame duck president glibly spewed platitudes about how good things are in this country, since he came to office, and his eyes almost glowed about how rosy the future can be, if we all could only get along. But, trying to "get along", as Obama wistfully suggests, without sticking to the common Language and Principles of our Founding Documents has been a huge contributing factor to the political chaos and public dissatisfaction that is now upon us, as Obama wins down his tenure of office. As others have commented, Obama's real regret seems to be that more of his unconstitutional programs could not be more fully implemented.
Remember, Obama and his crowd are the same ones who have been saying that he has had a burning desire to fundamentally change this Nation, including our Constitution,. Why does he hate our Constitution so much, when it's Principles and Language have inspired and challenged us all to do better for almost two hundred forty years, already? Why is he so bent on continuing to attack it? Throwing away godly principles IS NOT what our Founding Fathers designed into the parameters of this safety net that we know as our Declaration of Independence , our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.
If Obama has his way to influence the Democratic Party in picking his successor, and if they can hoodwink the voters again, then we shall see increasing prejudice against and persecution of biblical values and Christians who do not route the "politically correct" party line, as happens in must dictatorships. If the voters allow the rise of an Obama clone, then we shall also see a swift attempt to fully purge U.S. citizens of our preferred, if not all, firearms with which we are constitutionally insured of our right to defend ourselves, our families, our communities, and our Nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.
The ongoing unconstitutional onslaught by Obama and his cronies against our Nation's Founding Principles appears based in an apparent overrating of themselves as supreme judges, rather than them bearing any sense of personal and social accountability to God, His Word, His Christ, or to the Constitution that God has given to us for our mutual practice and mutual edification.

Human Nature & Violence: A Response to Senator Murphy

Senator Murphy,

Thank you for your lengthy letter about firearms, anti-social behavior, and criminal activity.

With all due respect to the august Office that you hold, I take offense that you neglect to acknowledge the more than 100 years of failed anti-gun legislation in our nation, legislation that has failed to control the part of human nature that takes upon itself the will to do evil. I take offense that you have taken it upon yourself to force your personal feelings, opinion, and rule over Connecticut and U.S. citizens, and that you fail to represent law-abiding citizens of Connecticut, and our Nation, whenever you fail to honor our Constitution’s Language.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Connecticut, STOP Supporting Governor Malloy!

It is past time to wake up, Connecticut! Meddlesome Governor Dannel Malloy’s own house has been in legal and social disorder, yet he insists on attacking the rights of innocent law-abiding citizens.

Before any citizens of Connecticut go any farther in backing any of Governor Malloy’s plans to continue infringing on the constitutionally guaranteed State and Federal rights of law-abiding citizens, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves why he hasn’t been able to keep his own house in order, instead of him meddling with Connecticut and U.S. constitutional law and issues by which he has continued to work to deprive law-abiding Connecticut citizens of our right to our "shall not be uninfringed" tools of self-defense, as is clearly stated in our State and Federal Constitutions?

Governor Malloy’s son has proven himself a violent thug. The Governor should have not run for office, but rather focused on redeeming his son. It appears that Malloy loves politics more than he loves his son, which is NOT a good reference for someone that is supposed to be a servant of the people of this State. On the other hand, to keep from proving himself a complete and utter hypocrite, Governor Malloy should have set a godly example for the citizens of this State by seeing to it that the full brunt of the Law was thrown at his son. We sure didn’t see Malloy going after his son’s sins the way that Malloy attacks the rights of the innocent law-abiding citizens of Connecticut.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gun-free Zones, The Law, & Sin

If there was ever a definitive statement made about Law and the human propensity to sin, it was these verses embedded in the Bible. These verses define the conundrum that the anti-gun movement faces as they try to eradicate human violence by passing laws. It is NOT guns nor laws that control human behavior, for guns are only a tool for good or evil depending on the motivation of the users, while laws are only obeyed by those who choose to do right instead of wrongdoing. While laws convict wrongdoers, they have zero effect on those who choose to live righteously. Read these verses in their entire context in Romans 7 and see what God is talking about.

Those who legislate or dictate carte blanche gun-free and weapon-free zones are responsible for putting innocent people at grievous risk because such zones prohibit law-abiding citizens from being armed and thereby keeping good people from helping to protect the innocent.

Romans 7:10-11
10  And the commandment, which was ordained to life, I found to be unto death.
11  For sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me, and by it slew me.

Even better than reading just the few verses and chapter mentioned, it is incumbent on all who would improve or affect the tenor and nature of our society that they must avail themselves of what God says about human nature by reading the whole Book of Romans in the Bible. Without understanding what God says therein rulers and policy setters have no clue as to what God says about human nature or what the duties of rulers and policy setters are before God Almighty.

Hypocrisy Is Killing USA - Get Back To God & Constitution

Someone posted an anonymous internet commentary that pointedly asked if anyone is considering voting, in 2016, for the same people who are in office right now, or voting for replacement candidates who think or act like those in office.

The writer's point was that if we keep voting for the same kinds of people, then we are going to keep getting the same kind of government about which we are already complaining. The writer raised three thorny statements, that nail the hypocritical and false heart and mind of some politicians and voters in our society. My own paraphrase and embellishments of the comments follow:

Friday, January 8, 2016

Good, Evil, Respect, & Worship

"Yes, Virginia", besides our own sin, there is great and prolific evil loose in this world. But, world history and the Bible show us a great truth about good and evil, namely that, over the long haul, good shall always triumph over evil. But, knowing that we do not always feel or see the good in situations, we need to turn in faith to learn and accept God's measurement of success, rather than our feelings, sufferings, yearnings, or other temporal, earthly definitions. God has established such faith as a fact for us to digest, that we might choose Him and His goodness instead of us choosing to wallow in sin and evil. To choose earthly things over godly things shall always fail the test of eternity and God's Judgment.

There are a lot of people who try to blame the devil or demons for all the trouble in the world, but that isn't biblically accurate, nor does it fit common sense. Yes, biblically speaking, the devil and demons comprise 1/3 of the former host of heaven. God cast that rebellious 1/3 down to Earth so that their true rebellion and desires would be made clearly and fully manifest. Do not despair!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 2016 Letter to Governor Malloy

I quote our ever famous Declaration of Independence of these United States of America, 

When in the course of human events...." ..."We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed....

This year, in the USA, we are on the verge of ever graver infringements, adulterations, and perversions of our Declaration of Independence, and of our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

With more proposed edicts on the way from our President and some Governors, including here in Connecticut, I took it upon myself to write the following letter to Connectcut Governor Malloy, and a version of this same letter to President Obama and certain members of Congress.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What About Military POWs?!

Tuesday's TV news carried a very brief item starring U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal who was publicly selling a plan to financially compensate U.S. Iranian Hostage Crisis civilian victims. As a combat wounded U.S. veteran of the Viet Nam War, who was shot down behind enemy lines, I think that I can say that I have at least some tiny appreciation for some of the angst that those former civilian hostages must have gone through.
I think that if the Hostage Crisis victims' friends and neighbors opted to do them some generous financial favor that would be one thing, but, in all honesty, I have to ask, where is the money coming from to finance  Blumenthal's huge payout to those civilians? How, in good conscience, can politicians even dream of making such an offer to civilians when no such commensurate taxpayer funded financial care has ever been given to any of our military POWs, who put their lives on the line to serve our Constitution, and in doing so thereby protect every U.S. citizen!?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Compare Our Modern Lives & World With Nehemiah's

There are many people who disregard history. But, if we are willing to learn from history, especially biblical history, we can learn many tremendously valuable lessons about how to overcome all sorts of problems in our earthly lives, even if it is to simply endure our present sufferings and tasks with praise and thanksgiving to God. The Book of Nehemiah is a wealth of information about honesty, hard work, faith, prayer, humility, spiritual and worldly warfare, and great victories in the face of major opposition, from friends and foes alike.

Here are some ideas to look for as you read this treasure trove of how to combat worldly and spiritual attacks, and how to accomplish godly missions in your life.

Search For REAL Peace

 In many different contexts and throughout the centuries, millions, billions, and possibly trillions of people in virtually every culture have said that they have wanted peace. What, then, is peace, if so many people say that they want it, yet we find so few examples of it in our world? And given that we see so few examples of peace, how are people supposed to achieve it. While many people deny that God exists and that the Bible is His Word, from God's point of view the opinions of those detractors do not negate all that He has said.

The two primary questions we must ask ourselves are, 1)
Who is God? and 2) Are we in a working personal relationship with Him? If we are not sure on either point, or if we do not agree with Him about these two points, then we are lost in our sin and in jeopardy of perishing without salvation. Those are the first two steps toward finding the kind of peace to which God calls us.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Do We Live Life Based On Feelings & Preferences or Convictions & Obedience?

Jeremiah 35 lays out how God views, contrasts, and responds to those who heed His Word versus those who shun Him and His Word. (I wonder how many souls have the courage to read Jeremiah 35 and heed God's message.)

What do YOU think God's message means for YOUR life and the society in which you live?

Seek God's Path according to His Word, for only those who reject His Solution put themselves beyond His plan of redemption.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Behind 2016 Anti-gun Candidates' Campaign Rhetoric: CONFISCATION


1. In TOTAL violation of the Language AND LAW of our Constitution, and in avoidance of any viable attempts to confront the real social issues that drive or motivate people to commit acts of violence...

2. And, at the rate that the anti-firearms noise is growing and that illogic is being financed...

3. ... There may very well be coming, soon, to a political candidate, elected official, or legal system official near you, the slithery talk about AND actions to find ways of disarming law-abiding US citizens AND confiscating our personal weapons.