Thursday, January 14, 2016

YES. Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz "Natural Born"

Among others who have raised the question of whether or not presidential candidate Ted Cruz should be in the race for the White House, presidential candidate Donald Trump recently brought that up, yet again. So let's see what a Google search finds... (evidently this is really a NON-ISSUE)....

In just a few seconds of web searching, I found a wealth of historical information that sets precedent after precedent confirming that all previous presidential candidates that were born to natural born U.S. citizens were accepted, no matter where the child was born.

In every case where the U.S. parent or parents happened to be living outside these United States of America at the time of the candidate's birth, every one of the candidates were later legally, constitutionally, and congressionally accepted as valid natural born U.S. citizens, and therefore, unquestionably eligible to be a President of our Nation.

Therefore, given the historical information available about Cruz's parents, any question of Ted Cruz's natural born citizenship should be favorably settled and closed, in the mind of any rational person, as the following article points out.

It is of special interest that, throughout 240 years of U.S.  history, the U.S. Supreme Court has never felt it necessary to rule on the authenticity of any presidential candidate's natural born citizenship status, including the birth, citizenship, and candidacy of Senator Barry Goldwater who was born in Arizona before it ever became a State in the USA.

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