Friday, January 1, 2016

Behind 2016 Anti-gun Candidates' Campaign Rhetoric: CONFISCATION


1. In TOTAL violation of the Language AND LAW of our Constitution, and in avoidance of any viable attempts to confront the real social issues that drive or motivate people to commit acts of violence...

2. And, at the rate that the anti-firearms noise is growing and that illogic is being financed...

3. ... There may very well be coming, soon, to a political candidate, elected official, or legal system official near you, the slithery talk about AND actions to find ways of disarming law-abiding US citizens AND confiscating our personal weapons.

Those who are in power may say that they seek to disarm us in order to protect us from ourselves, but as they rape and pillage our Constitution, its Principles, and our Rights, they ONLY accomplish the consolidation of their own power base, and do NOTHING to honor our Constitution or to benefit the free society of which our Constitution and other Founding Documents speak, and by which Freedom was set forth to be lived by all citizens of these United States of America, including the Right to defend ourselves from any U.S. government that asserts itself as higher or more authoritative than the U.S. Constitution that it violates.

When honest readers do their research and put "2016 elections", "candidate campaigns", and "firearms confiscation" into the Google search engine... here's a sample of what one is very likely to get back: 

We MUST ENGAGE this 100+ year old battle, head-on. We MUST STAND UP for the Rights of all U.S. citizens, under the express Language and Dictates of our Constitution, particularly our Bill of Rights.

But, we cannot stop there! We MUST EDUCATE the public about the facts and the real reason that those in power want themselves and the criminals to be the only ones with guns.

Call me crazy, but Hitler, Stalin, and a host of other dictators, throughout the ages, have depended on controlling the masses by way of the use of thugs who are willing to do anything for a little cruel fun, personal recognition, money, or power. It is, therefore, not inconsistent to imagine a strong link between the prospective disarmament of U.S. citizens, that is so desired by those in power, with the ongoing rise of vicious criminal elements that thrive in U.S. society. Big government thrives on sucking the life, hope, and wealth out of those who would otherwise be self-sufficient and free to live a constitutionally free life. Criminals seek to perpetrate the same victimizations against constitutionally-minded law-abiding citizens. There is no proof of who actually coined the most popular phrases that deal with government having achieved tyrannical status when its citizens are afraid of it, and that it is, rather, the government that should fear its citizens, but, the embedded link bears reading.

If you want to be and live as a victim of criminals and the government, then hide and do nothing.

However, IF you want to live as our Forefathers wanted us to be able to live, under the Freedoms that embrace the God of the Bible and our State and Federal Constitutions, THEN, you and I better get off our duffs and get busy working to counter the fear-mongering anti-Rights offensive that has so strongly set itself against our Founding Documents, against our Founding Principles, and against those of us who seek to live godly lives in peace and freedom in accord with our U.S. Constitution. As citizens of these United States of America, in our personal and civil obedience to and harmony with our Constitution, it is perfectly clear AND wholly unacceptable that our Right to Keep and to Bear Arms, as specified in our Federal and various State Constitutions, should be asked or required, by any person or entity, to tolerate ANY infringement at all. The infringement of the constitutional Rights of any U.S. citizen is NOT an option. Constitutional ownership and carry of firearms is mandated as a Right, and any past or future infringement of that, or any other, constitutionally specified Right, by any person, or any entity, is wholly against our Constitution and therefore wholly unacceptable.

We must WORK to STOP ALL INFRINGEMENTS against our Human Rights, for we are only as free as the life for which we take full and personal responsibility. Everything else is simply varying degrees of slavery or bondage to those to whom we give away our Rights.

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