Monday, December 28, 2015

Democratic Campaign Propaganda Equals "King's New Suit of Clothes"

Who is going to occupy the White House, next? For months, US politics has already been steaming, getting ready for the 2016 Presidential battles. Who is trying to lead us to further destroy the biblical and constitutional values on which this "Great Experiment" was founded? Do the voters see or care about who is continuing to attack our Constitution, and all for which it stands? Does anyone really care about whether or not anyone is taking a life or death stand to protect and defend our Constitution?

Many would-be voters in the Democratic Party are already clamoring for Sanders or Clinton to replace Obama. If that happens, either of those candidates would only further continue or worsen the immoral, unconstitutional, and socialist slide of the USA into historical oblivion or destruction. On the other hand, while the Republican Party isn't perfect, to their credit, many Republicans, and persons of other Constitution-minded parties seek to return our government and its branches to be limited and ruled by our Constitution, instead of by the lusts of the people or the lusts of politicians. Do we want to be governed by convenience and lust or by God and Principles?

Some of the 2015 presidential candidates and debates have already raised some critical issues that our people and Nation need to confront. But, there has also been a tiresome and unconstitutional political  illness that runs through the campaigns of some who would occupy the White House. That illness is the dependence on popularity, as characterized by many politicians' lack of dependence upon godly and constitutional Principles. Too many candidates are too eager to disarm US citizens, and such candidates have made gun-control into a blinding and corrupting unconstitutional election issue for weak-minded and fearful citizens. The anti-firearms wishes and rhetoric of some candidates raises the probability of further violations of the constitutional Rights of the citizens of this Nation, yet we all know who the politicians are who hammer on and play to the ignorance and fear of some voters.

Instead of waiting for politicians to pamper our pocketbooks or our egos, we, the citizens and voters of this Nation, need to wake up to our God-given Constitution, our constitutional Rights and Responsibilities, and to the fact that what our Constitution says in plain language is true, good, and NOT in need of revision. We need to respect our Constitution and to live it. Voters must learn to recognize and reject the unconstitutional lies and plans of those who seek to, unconstitutionally, further socialize and radicalize life in these United States of America. We need to reject the radical proposition that the government is our master and that we are the sheep for its slaughterhouse. We need to embrace and bring to life the Principles of our Constitution in our daily lives, that we prove our love of the Creator who gave that Document to us, that we might live free and in good conscience before Him. Without the common Foundation of the Bible and Constitution we do NOT have common ground on which to assess and discuss the events around us. Intelligent dialog can only be accomplished by embracing those Documents and facing and discussing the facts before us. To ignore facts and rely on wishful thinking is nothing less than to live in delusion, and in that delusion the anti-gun proponents lump together, confuse, and propagandize human violence and firearms use. In their unconstitutional views and actions, the propagandists and their followers fail to understand either human violence or firearms use.

By and large, firearms control advocates have failed to deal with the reality of the language of our Constitution and its principles, failed to deal with the facts of history and current affairs, and they have failed to deal with the frailties of human nature. Instead, they engage in the continually looped repetition of their propaganda, that ends up sounding, to rational people, like the bad squeal of feedback through a public address system.

Among those of the anti-gun crowd whom I've heard speak on the subject, the greater portion of them seem only able to view human violence one way: they seem wholly unable to discern any difference between human violence and firearms. For the most part, they do not seem to recognize any other form of human violence other than that which was committed with the use of firearms. Furthermore, they do not see the firearm as a means of preserving freedom from tyranny, but only as an instrument of cruelty. Their blindness is as if they are trying to figure out how to deal with violent abusive tenants in a house that is falling apart as a result of the tenants' evil actions. The logic of the anti-gun crowd fails to see that the house containing bad tenants is only one in a neighborhood containing a hundred or a thousand law-abiding, decent families living in houses in which there are no problems of abuse or damage to the other houses. But, instead of removing the one group of abusive tenants from that one damaged house, and holding those perpetrators responsible for their actions, the anti-gun crowd might chase the violent tenants away from that neighborhood, yet seems to blame houses for the former tenants' vile behaviors. As a result of the anti-gunners illogic they then destroy all the houses in that neighborhood, somehow thinking that the removal of all the houses will somehow eliminate the violent actions of any tenants in the future.  Why destroy the society and principles of the neighborhood in which the vast majority of people and houses are self-governing, just because one house of bad tenants insisted on perpetrating their violence? Why not hold the evil-doers fully responsible for their own actions, sending the evil-doers to their just dessert, BUT, ALSO, leave the rest of that neighborhood society to continue to live according to the Principles to which they bound themselves in peace and justice?

While numerous countries around our world continue to be rocked by violent crime and terrorism of all sorts, our sitting US President and the Democratic candidates for the Office of President, all continue to spew the same old regurgitated slop in which they claim that firearms are the cause of violence in US society. Those pseudo-leaders claim that if they can only save us from firearms then they MIGHT be able to save us from ourselves and human violence. Talk about delusions of grandeur!! They sound as if they think that they are God Himself!! Such delusional leaders and would-be leaders repeatedly fail to address the spiritually corrupted, clinically deranged, unconstitutionally anti-social, immoral, and practical reasons that some human beings HAVE ALWAYS been willing to resort to violence toward one another. In typical modern Western fashion, by saying they will make themselves into gods to do their best to save us from ourselves, they seek a panacea, a single pill, by which they fantasize that they can fix all human violence in this country. In their delusions they fail to logically or correctly analyze a wealth of data that is before them, such as the fact that nations and cultures that have no firearms or that have banned firearms STILL continue to have mass murders and hatefully motivated anti-social behaviors perpetrated by their own citizens against their own citizens, far and above all the terrorist actions that might be leveled against their societies.

The following Google search looks at the types of weapons used in murders worldwide and the respective murder rates among all nations, including whether they banned guns, or whether they are considered to be developed or undeveloped nations. Please note that President Obama and many of his unconstitutional anti-firearms cronies are fond of only citing statistics that apply to the countries and societies that they want to compare, the so-called "First World" nations. He and those like him wholly ignore "Third World" nations in that discussion. As such, he proves himself and elitist and bigot, just as he is fond of waving racist flags to elicit sympathy for himself and his policies. There is no rational excuse for him or his cronies to use incomplete statistical data as a discriminating factor when they "discuss" their urges for "gun control". By their faulty morals and logic they expose themselves as hypocrites out to elevate themselves, and who care little, if anything, for their civic duties. Lame Duck President Obama, Democratic Candidates Clinton & Sanders, Senators Blumenthal & Murphy, and many others continue to drink and vomit the unconstitutional cool-aid of anti-gun rhetoric, and in their hysterical fervor, they all fail miserably to address the real causes, treatment, and prevention of human violence, forcing their arguments to rest solely and ignorantly on the prospective control of ONE type of weapon among dozens or hundreds that violent people use to perpetrate their assaults on their fellow humans beings.

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