Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mass Murderers' Human Nature Ignores ANOTHER Gun Free Zone

Today, December 2nd, 2015, there is at least one more mass shooting, here in the USA, in a so-called "gun free zone". Once again, the media are filled with all sorts of speculation, angst, and politicians wringing their hands about the number and type of guns in our nation.

Once again, IF people carefully look at the evidence, they will see that the shooter/s did NOT pick a location that allowed law-abiding citizens to carry their firearms. However, the shooter/s DID pick yet another "gun free zone" to perpetrate the evil. Unprotected, sitting-duck victims were once again singled out to be executed.

As a nation, we are failing our citizens by allowing these shooting sprees to exist without any realistic public resistance. The sitting President, surrounded by his host of armed protectors, fails to admit that evil doers get their weapons when and where they want, as this President and his cronies continue to tell law-abiding citizens to disarm and become victims. The President and his cronies are WRONG.

This blogger has to wonder how many of the mass murder victims would yet be unwounded or alive IF law-abiding citizens had been allowed to carry their firearms in that San Bernardino facility. Too many ignorant people will continue to cry out for more gun control and more gun free zones as a result of today's shootings. But they are totally wrong in their conclusions and their solutions. They react with feelings only and fail to address the underlying causes that drive mass shooters to slaughter those around them. Whether readers want to admit it or not, the human choice to sin is what drives those perpetrators., what the Apostle James called, "wars and fightings among you", and to which the Apostle Paul referred as a lack of thankfulness for one's existing blessings from God.

A careful digestion of the violent crimes data, also, shows that there are mass strangulations, mass beatings, mass motor vehicle assaults, mass poisonings, and mass arsons perpetrated by men and women, teens and adults, in which they kill more than four people at a time. Careful reading of the histories of the perpetrators shows that they often exhibit increasing anti-social warning signs prior to their rampages. But, few observers seem interested in trying to thwart the growing threat of those people snapping and going off the deep end.

Although our President would have us believe that only US culture has this problem because so many of us own guns, history shows us otherwise, as the Malay culture dealt with people running amok and assaulting numerous others until their lust for violence had assuaged itself. The cultural parallel shows that we have a spiritual and personal problem dealing with certain stresses in life, AND that the outpouring of the mass violence against other people has everything to do with personal character and personal decision making processes, BUT that running amok in Malasia or the USA has NOTHING to do with firearms, or any other type of weapon that perpetrators elect to use in their killing or maiming sprees.

Our society too often fails to acknowledge the warning signs of an impending breakdown or rampage, and even when there is some acknowledgment of impending disaster, our society usually fails to deal effectively with the overt warnings, such as when eventual perpetrators increasingly threaten other people. In general, our society has told God to take a hike and to take His Word, the Bible, with Him. By doing that, we have invited the forces of lust, emotionalism, chaos, disruption, and evil to fill the personal and social voids that were once filled by God's Holy Spirit and His Principles for living.

I strenuously urge readers to research what I'm alleging, by delving into their Bibles to seek God's solution for these problems. If you have no Bible of your own, then reading the Books of John and Romans online is a good place to start until you buy a Bible for yourself. Those who would continue to reject God and His Word are simply asking for more of the same violence and evil that is being thrown at all of us now.

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