Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is Obama Delusional?

Remember when President Obama so smoothly told us how wonderful it was that we, now, had a way to monitor Iran and its nuclear program, through the deal that he and Kerry had brokered? Remember how he acted as if the nuclear agreement was the next best thing to your favorite cheese and crackers? Remember his Sunday night speech, wherein he pretty much called US citizens bigots and made his unctuous defense of Islam, even in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings by Islamic terrorists? When Obama gave that lifeless Sunday speech, it was like watching a half-asleep cow vomiting up its re-chewed cud, and as such, Obama, again, complained and blamed others for his failures in leadership; again, complained that guns and not the Islamic terrorists are the problem.  After his White House speech, he slipped into a tuxedo and went to be entertained, and it became immediately obvious that the President was far more animated about his seating arrangements at the theater than he was about talking to the public in his terrorism speech.

Obama has often been glib in his apology or defense of Islam and deprecatory about the USA, our Constitution, Israel, Christians, and American culture. Yet, in the Sunday night speech, he claimed to want to preserve "our culture" and "our principles". How can he so shamelessly claim to want to preserve "our principles" when he keeps violating the principles and Constitution on which our Nation was founded? It seems that the President was talking out both sides of his mouth at the same time when he spoke of "our principles". That speech made it sound as if the "our" to which he referred was HIS "our principles", rather than the "our principles" elaborated in our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

Given Obama's ongoing disdain for the literal language and nature of our Founding Documents, it seems odd to this blogger, that Obama even bothered running for the US presidency, instead of just moving to Iran to throw his disdainful criticism at the U.S., or to help the Iranians violate more agreements, or launch more ICBMs. I find it disgusting that he whines so much about Islam, and the proportionately small number of people who have harassed Muslims in the USA, while he says next to nothing about the far greater proportion of people who go out of their way to harass and harm Jewish or "Black" people here.

This writer has zero confidence in the sitting president. The more that Obama says, the more that he appears to be delusional. He seems to believe his own wishful rhetoric far more than the reality that surrounds him in our society. He is like a man who gets himself into a loveless marriage, knowing that there are grave fundamental differences between him and his wife. That loveless man mistakenly thinks that he can somehow force his wife into becoming what he wants her to be, irrespective of her own will or character. The delusional part is that he keeps doing and saying the same things over and over, and expecting, by his vain repetitions, that he can force his wife to change into what he wants her to be. THAT, my friends, is the kind of president that has been sitting in the White House these last seven years, trying to corrupt the USA, our Constitution, and corrupt our Founding Principles, all the while trying to soft-peddle Islam as a benign philosophy, despite its violent 1,400 year old roots, doctrines, and practices.

Some will surely accuse me of bigotry and prejudice for saying these truths. But, let's face reality and understand that poisonous, aggressive, and violent animals are not changed in character just because they might be called something different by a different person. Tiger and elephant trainers, and poisonous snake handlers, for thousands of years, have been maimed and killed by the animals with which they work, because the wild or predatory nature and character of those creatures is instinctual to them. If we, like Obama, delude ourselves into making believe that dangerous creatures or dangerous doctrines are not potentially harmful or fatal to us, then we sign our own inevitable death warrant because we choose to ignore the facts. By their public statements and posturing, President Obama and his cronies seem to want to lead U.S. citizens into a dark dangerous realm that can only destroy the very freedoms that our Forebears sought to build in these United States of America.

The only way out of our troubles is to face God's truth, and stick to the Bible and our Constitution.

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