Saturday, December 12, 2015

Letter To A Friend

My dear friend and brother in Christ,
Whether, in our present day, we are required by God to sacrifice our lives, as martyrs, as did our Savior, or if we shall be required to stand in worldly defense of our God-inspired Founding Documents and Nation, as did our Founders, only God Almighty, our Lord Jesus Christ, knows. 
When and if that day comes upon us, beyond the demands of our daily toil, we shall discover the true mettle of men and women. Martyrdom or worldly battle shall once again have been provoked, when we who love Christ, His truth, and true liberty shall have been forced and engaged to suffer the attacks of the mockers, the arrogant, the elitists, and the tyrants. They shall have drawn us, yet again, into the mortal earthly combat that too often follows and preys upon the spiritual warfare that we face here as we fight evil. 
If and when either time comes in our lifetime, let the weak and fearful run for shelter, for they have no place in the battle. As God's Word says, "be of good courage". Let your faith stand fast in our Savior, for those who provoke the Spirit of the Living God, who Alone can redeem and free men and women, in truth; those gainsayers who continue to attack us and God's Christ, yet remain ignorant of the cleansing fire of godly liberty, and they remain ignorant of that true Life Force who lifts up, to eternal victory, all those souls who gladly embrace all that the God of the Bible offers us in Jesus Christ.
Be certain of your salvation in Christ Jesus. Also, be certain that His Wrath and Judgment shall be satisfied upon all who reject His Gift of Life. But, until the Final Day, let us yet strive to show forth God's Light.
God bless you.

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