Monday, December 28, 2015

Democratic Campaign Propaganda Equals "King's New Suit of Clothes"

Who is going to occupy the White House, next? For months, US politics has already been steaming, getting ready for the 2016 Presidential battles. Who is trying to lead us to further destroy the biblical and constitutional values on which this "Great Experiment" was founded? Do the voters see or care about who is continuing to attack our Constitution, and all for which it stands? Does anyone really care about whether or not anyone is taking a life or death stand to protect and defend our Constitution?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mass Killings OUTSIDE USA

Here's the latest Google search on that topic:

Frequent Mass Killings NOT Limited To USA

Check your information! Read the relevant links in this Google search to sort through the real history and frequency of modern mass killings around the world. Don't just take the word of politicians who are trying to manipulate public opinion for their own advantage. STUDY AND THINK BEFORE you support any anti-rights people or groups that are trying to undermine the plain language of the U S Constitution, as those parties try to disarm US citizens.

Begin by asking yourself why there are equally frequent mass murders in other nations and cultures that have banned firearms and stripped their citizens of their natural right to self-defense.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Another Christmas Carol...

Another Christmas Carol
The world, it still goes crazy,
Chasing false and foolish gods:
People love themselves & trinkets,
And they call God’s Bible odd.
All the passions of this world,
Swiftly lead us each astray,
Yet, the Christmas hymns still tell us,
Every care, on Christ, to lay.
God calls all souls unto Him,
In repentance, to return,
To His only Savior, Jesus,
That, His peace, we gain, not spurn.
The one true Gift of Christmas
Eternal, and unchanged,
God’s Lamb has come to save us,
His pure life, for our sin, exchanged.
In Christ, one life, eternal,
Overcomes our filthy sin:
When we accept Him as Savior,
In us, He dwells, within.
By His grace, He will save us,
As He promised each, of old,
In the one great Christmas story,
That refreshes each time it’s told.
The real Christ of Christmas,
Born to save all willing souls,
He, alone, knows all our weakness,
Yet, His salvation grows not cold.
He knew the coming price,
For the true Gift that He gave,
His blood, for sinners, willing,
Salvation’s Babe in manger hay.
Jesus Christ, He came to save us,
Not deceive us with false joy,
As some red-clothed, bearded fantasy,
Deceiving children with promised toys.
God despises all our idols:
Claus & reindeer, arcane arts:
For, by lying to our children,
We blind them to God’s true heart.
False childhood foundations,
Christ-less dreams all break God’s Law,
For God’s pure love & judgment,
Prove false, the modern Claus.
So, from now on, be careful,
Let’s, now, in truth, all say,
And share God’s Christ of Christmas,
Not a worldly Holiday!
For Christ is the reason for Christmas,
And God’s promises are clear,
That in God’s love and purpose,
His Birth & Sacrifice are dear.
Though worldly “political correctness”
Still treads Christ under their feet,
Show your true love of Jesus,
And join us all to greet,
with a hearty, Merry Christmas!
Each one whom we now meet.
 -the above poem is for non-commercial public domain use-

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fear and Decay, or Life and Growth

I understand the worldly logic that compares terrorists and murderers to rattlesnakes, or to other aggressive poisonous snakes, and that calls for eradication of those offending vipers. Yes, violent crime needs to be dealt with harshly, by government, as God said it should. However, if we, the People, really want or expect to see any realistic changes in the existing patterns of human behavior in our Nation, if we want to truly see God's blessings consistently poured upon us, then we must honestly ask ourselves how we have arrived at this point in U.S. history, AND what we need to do to stop further escalation along destructive paths that we have chosen personally, or as a nation.
Since Eve led Adam to willingly sin, and Cain killed his brother Abel, to one degree or another, we have all been sinning against God. As violent as human history has been, overall, can we honestly say that the United States of America are ONLY experiencing a problem with the doctrinal violence of Islam? To limit our awareness to such an extreme is to blind ourselves to Truth.

What Will It Take To Heal This Land?

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." (2Chronicles 7:14)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Letter To A Friend

My dear friend and brother in Christ,
Whether, in our present day, we are required by God to sacrifice our lives, as martyrs, as did our Savior, or if we shall be required to stand in worldly defense of our God-inspired Founding Documents and Nation, as did our Founders, only God Almighty, our Lord Jesus Christ, knows. 
When and if that day comes upon us, beyond the demands of our daily toil, we shall discover the true mettle of men and women. Martyrdom or worldly battle shall once again have been provoked, when we who love Christ, His truth, and true liberty shall have been forced and engaged to suffer the attacks of the mockers, the arrogant, the elitists, and the tyrants. They shall have drawn us, yet again, into the mortal earthly combat that too often follows and preys upon the spiritual warfare that we face here as we fight evil. 
If and when either time comes in our lifetime, let the weak and fearful run for shelter, for they have no place in the battle. As God's Word says, "be of good courage". Let your faith stand fast in our Savior, for those who provoke the Spirit of the Living God, who Alone can redeem and free men and women, in truth; those gainsayers who continue to attack us and God's Christ, yet remain ignorant of the cleansing fire of godly liberty, and they remain ignorant of that true Life Force who lifts up, to eternal victory, all those souls who gladly embrace all that the God of the Bible offers us in Jesus Christ.
Be certain of your salvation in Christ Jesus. Also, be certain that His Wrath and Judgment shall be satisfied upon all who reject His Gift of Life. But, until the Final Day, let us yet strive to show forth God's Light.
God bless you.

Adolph Hitler, Barack Obama, and Dannel Malloy: "Brown Shirt" Tactics

Anyone who's been following the news and commentaries, or my blog, knows that despite 104 years of anti-gun laws in the USA, people are still murdered in this country, and in large numbers at times. The problem is that human nature tends to violence when we do not govern ourselves as God would have us, or we do not allow God's Spirit into our lives.

Following the most recent mass shootings, President Obama and Governor Malloy (CT) have both said that they may issue executive orders to begin confiscation of arms from any person or persons they see fit, based on federal security agency watch lists that are developed based sometimes on facts, and sometimes on innuendo, rumors, or guilt by association methodology. There is NO constitutional protection for anyone with regard to watch lists and their development. Yet, this president and governor are eager to begin basing their confiscations on those watch lists. That exact kind of tactic was used during the rise of Hitler's Third Reich and the birthing and growth of the USSR.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Is It Better To Be Uneducated, Ignorant, or Too Smart?

One's state of mind has much to do with one's choices in life. Give me a plain uneducated man who is curious, any day. He is educable because he wants to learn, and he will put to good use the things he learns. On the other hand, the overly educated and the willfully ignorant already know that they know everything to their own satisfaction, so that they are not willing to learn anything further, and thus choose to reject further instruction, though it might have saved them great pains. We might also add to the latter those who are too smart for their own good, as they lead themselves into trouble, as they too often trust only their own counsel.

U.S. and Connecticut Citizens: Kiss Due Process and Your Rights Goodbye

11 December 2015

Dear Governor Malloy,

With all due respect for your august office, I submit these thoughts that you might reconsider your hasty urge to impose an executive order calling for the use of government watch lists as springboards for the banning of sales, or seizure of, firearms and munitions with respect to persons who happen to be on watch lists. Neither you nor President Obama are on the right track with your respective plans to use watch lists in that manner, for several reasons. If you read nothing else I say, please consider that such lists are very subjective in nature, that they are not consistent from one agency to another, that people who are not "politically in favor" too easily end up on such lists, that without constitutional INITIAL Probable Cause and Due Process any Search or Seizure actions based on such lists are illegal, and finally that use of such lists would help tip off any real terrorists, and drive them farther underground.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is Obama Delusional?

Remember when President Obama so smoothly told us how wonderful it was that we, now, had a way to monitor Iran and its nuclear program, through the deal that he and Kerry had brokered? Remember how he acted as if the nuclear agreement was the next best thing to your favorite cheese and crackers? Remember his Sunday night speech, wherein he pretty much called US citizens bigots and made his unctuous defense of Islam, even in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings by Islamic terrorists? When Obama gave that lifeless Sunday speech, it was like watching a half-asleep cow vomiting up its re-chewed cud, and as such, Obama, again, complained and blamed others for his failures in leadership; again, complained that guns and not the Islamic terrorists are the problem.  After his White House speech, he slipped into a tuxedo and went to be entertained, and it became immediately obvious that the President was far more animated about his seating arrangements at the theater than he was about talking to the public in his terrorism speech.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Calling IT What IT IS!

A Judge Speaks Up About Self-Protection...

More Dead Sitting Ducks? Or Constitutional Self-Defense?

By now, most of us have heard about the terrorist couple that assaulted, wounded, and murdered so many people in San Bernardino, last week. Lest some think that I seek to minimize the horrors of that situation, yes, it was saddening. Yes, it was terrible, and the families of the dead and wounded are in great distress. But, despite all the suffering that the terrorists caused, at least the perpetrators were finally stopped.

Responsible Citizens Protect Us All

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mass Murderers' Human Nature Ignores ANOTHER Gun Free Zone

Today, December 2nd, 2015, there is at least one more mass shooting, here in the USA, in a so-called "gun free zone". Once again, the media are filled with all sorts of speculation, angst, and politicians wringing their hands about the number and type of guns in our nation.

Once again, IF people carefully look at the evidence, they will see that the shooter/s did NOT pick a location that allowed law-abiding citizens to carry their firearms. However, the shooter/s DID pick yet another "gun free zone" to perpetrate the evil. Unprotected, sitting-duck victims were once again singled out to be executed.