Friday, December 11, 2015

U.S. and Connecticut Citizens: Kiss Due Process and Your Rights Goodbye

11 December 2015

Dear Governor Malloy,

With all due respect for your august office, I submit these thoughts that you might reconsider your hasty urge to impose an executive order calling for the use of government watch lists as springboards for the banning of sales, or seizure of, firearms and munitions with respect to persons who happen to be on watch lists. Neither you nor President Obama are on the right track with your respective plans to use watch lists in that manner, for several reasons. If you read nothing else I say, please consider that such lists are very subjective in nature, that they are not consistent from one agency to another, that people who are not "politically in favor" too easily end up on such lists, that without constitutional INITIAL Probable Cause and Due Process any Search or Seizure actions based on such lists are illegal, and finally that use of such lists would help tip off any real terrorists, and drive them farther underground.

Political and legal news, over that last few years, has been loaded with the misconduct of our elected officials. I am mainly concerned, here, with in the controversial area of Human Rights violations with respect to our U.S. Constitution, with regard to government watch lists, and with regard to officials trying to cover up their bad decisions while in office. The bottom line is, inevitably, can we trust those who want to put any of us on watch lists? (Have fun trying to find out if YOU are on one!)

As I think of official misconduct, Hillary Clinton comes to mind, as she has tried to keep the public from learning the truth about her actions that allegedly allowed the Benghazi Massacre to escalate to the disastrous situation that it did. President Obama also comes to mind, as his words increasingly contradict his campaign statements, and his actions on numerous issues now violate our Constitution and Human Rights.

In the face of ongoing and increasing terrorist activity around the world and here in the USA, politicians continue to scramble to find ways to placate a fearful public, while maintaining or increasing their own power base. President Obama, former Secretary of State Clinton, and some of their cronies and underlings, have been named repeatedly in the news as having violated numerous laws and constitutional rights and principles. Though such violations of public trust are not historically new with these current offenders, the present regime seems to have brought the arcane political arts and violations to new lows. Ironically, while they keep referring to the US as a civilized nation, they keep acting like dogs in a fighting pen, as they fight against, and try to shred, our Constitution.

Given their discussion about civility versus terrorism, we must not forget the lack of civility or due process in years past, exercised by other regimes. Our Nation lived under an unconstitutional and cruel burden of distrust and assumed guilt, without due process, during the McCarthy Era political purges. In more recent years, the passage of the Patriot Act opened the door for similar policies to be reestablished. (Due process was pretty much left out of the Patriot Act and many of its actions.) Even with the supposed expiration of the Patriot Act, the TSA and Homeland Security departments are, yet, still intact and maintaining watch lists, such as the "no-fly" list. All that set the stage for, or even inspired, Obama to skip due process in his Operation Chokepoint maneuvers.

With or without the Patriot Act, Obama's administration and cronies have proven that they are out of control, and out for political blood at any cost, as evidenced by their Operation Chokepoint endeavors, whereby they used the IRS to squeeze the financial life out of individuals and businesses that they did not like politically. Oh, yes, they said that the financial throttling of those entities was for safety and security reasons, but a reality check of those harmed by the Chokepoint operations showed that many victims were simply people or businesses that the Administration did not like (even if the Chokepoint victims did not exhibit any legal or national security risks). As with the McCarthy's purges and J. Edgar Hoover's political blackmail, under Obama and his cronies, anyone whom they didn't like could be deemed a suitable political target subject to the devastating sanctions of the IRS's Chokepoint.

The egregious illegal and unconstitutional overreaches that have been exhibited by this Administration should make every U.S. citizen jump to his feet and demand an end to such violations of our Rights. Stop and think of all the security agencies in our Nation. We need to keep in mind that those security agencies operate on different wavelengths from each other and that they develop different watch lists of people whom they think might be potential threats (based on each agency's world view and area of operation). They do NOT all work off the same watch list. You can bet dollars to doughnuts that it is NOT just potential terror suspects who are on those lists! ... especially if you express your constitutionally based opinion about, and criticism of, the existing powers in government.

The watch lists do NOT accuse anyone of a specific crime, though they may document illegal and suspected illegal activity. The watch lists do NOT arrest or convict anyone, though they might lead to an arrest or conviction. The watch lists only REALLY indicate that someone in each of those agencies has a funny feeling about SOMETHING associated with the name of SOMEONE on that agency's list, but that the agency can't necessarily prove anything. IF your name is on a watch list, MAYBE, it is because you talked, or corresponded, or did business with someone else who happens to be on one of the watch lists. You have no idea what list you are on, unless you happen to run afoul of the law, or you end up trying to fly somewhere but get refused. They do not seem to care what the truth is. The people developing and adding to the watch lists only seem to care about guilt by association or by implication. If your constitutionally protected opinion is different from their world view, then they view you as a threat and therefore a potentially guilty party. That sounds like how the Communists ran their affairs in the true events discussed in Alesandr Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago": the story of the Communist stranglehold on the minds and lives Communist block citizens. Once you're on their list, they wait for you to do other things to confirm their suspicions, so that they can pounce on you and proclaim their catch of the day. My concern is that, in too many cases, watch lists are little more than a "CYA" for government agencies, or an excuse to marginalize those who are law-abiding citizens who happen to have strong opinions, especially about upholding and preserving our Constitution and its way of life.

It is vital for us to remember that THERE IS ZERO DUE PROCESS OF LAW WHEN THEY SELECT AND ADD OUR NAMES TO THEIR WATCH LISTS. With or without just and probable cause, once they have fearfully placed our names on a watch list, they concomitantly ascribe to us guilt by association, and deem us unfit for the free and uninfringed access to and exercise of our constitutional Rights.

Following the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, President Obama, and, now, Connecticut Governor Malloy, have been saying that they will issue executive orders calling for the ban of firearm sales and possibly the confiscation of all firearms and munitions held by citizens who are on security agency watch lists. So, let's see how this works, you express your honest opinion to a Senator or the President, and they don't like what you tell them, as realistic and honest as it is... then, all of a sudden, you are on a watch list even though you'd rather die defending your Nation than to see it corrupted or invaded. Now that you are on someone's watch list, Obama and Malloy are paranoid enough to think that you are dangerous to them, and they want to confiscate all your means of self-defense. YOU are the law-abiding citizen speaking your constitutional mind. That's all. They are the corrupt politicians who continually violate our Constitution and our Rights. But, they have a plan, and THAT plan is to strip us of our Rights, including our Right to self-defense, even if we are still law-abiding citizens. That plan of theirs totally disrespects our Constitution and utterly destroys legal Due Process. Oh, Malloy said that there would be an appeals process, but, what is an appeals process when the State has already stripped the citizen/s of all Rights without first going through Probable Cause and Due Process? The existing appeals process in our State has been a significant stumbling block for citizens, as it has been reported as having a propensity to drag on for years, especially with regard to the restoration to citizens of their firearms that the State had improperly or illegally seized. Every time we fail to act to correct such evils we give our consent to the establishment of those evils.

Whether there is a promised appeals process dangled in front of citizens, those security agency watch lists are a means of profiling potential violators of the law, including terrorists, but watch lists are NOT Probable Cause OR Due Process. Anyone who approves or implements any plan to strip law-abiding citizens of their constitutional means of self-defense, or any other constitutional Right, is a traitor to our Constitution and a criminal, as defined by our Constitution. Without adhering to Probable Cause AND Due Process, as called for in our Founding Documents, there is no just law in these United States of America.

Any, like Obama and Malloy, who call for more legislation or executive orders to violate the Rights of citizens and circumvent our Constitution, have put themselves, like Caesar and other dictators, above the Law, trying to make Law by their own edicts and without the consent of the People. Having set themselves up in spite of constitutional law, Obama and Malloy have made themselves outlaws to all things for which this Nation's Constitution stands. As the Bible says, "For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all." (James 2:10) Though we all offend the perfect law of God, and are guilty of breaking God's Law, willfully or ignorantly, yet, these elected officials have officially sworn to support and defend our Constitution AND have openly and deliberately broken their oaths of office by contriving plans to circumvent our Constitution, as such, they have conspired to define, fuel, sustain, and obtain their unconstitutional objectives. In this regard, they make themselves traitors.

It is disgusting to this author that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of espionage, and executed, based on far less evidence than the outstanding constitutional violations that testify against certain of our current political leaders. I'm sure that this honest opinion will land me on some agency's watch list, if I'm not there already. By their own treasonous, unconstitutional acts, some current politicians seem bent on deliberately putting themselves in open opposition to the LAW of our Founding Documents, and in conflict with any and all constitutionally minded, law-abiding citizens. If those politicians continue to refuse to obey our Constitution, then, according to our Constitution, it is up to the citizens to recall them from office, and to return this State and Nation to constitutional foundations and practices. We, the citizens, cannot allow international terrorism to be an excuse for any politicians to throw away the Rights and Principles on which we are founded and by which we must live. Constitutional Probable Cause and Due Process MUST BE part of any government action for or against any citizen of these United States of America.

If we fail to adhere to constitutional Rights and Principles, then we shall be forced to returned to some degraded tyrannical state of government, or to the political and social chaos that plagues many other nations, today. Self-defense does NOT begin with firearms, but it begins with the willingness to do that which is right, despite the cost to one's self. Firearms are only a small portion of the citizens' strength. The very writing of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights establish the fact that being willing to stand up and be counted to speak one's mind in truth, in harmony with God, our Creator, is, next to our Faith in Christ, our first and foremost weapon for good in our arsenal of Human Rights. Without exercising ALL of our Rights we shall surely lose them all.

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