Thursday, January 29, 2015

God Sees Our Hearts, but We Must Learn to Discriminate

Yesterday's Fox News report brings great challenges for all of us. Only God sees and knows what is in our hearts and minds, but we still have to use discretion, discernment, and discrimination in order to figure out what is going on around us, and what we are supposed to do about what we think we see. Who is "in the right", in this report, the gun range owner or those who are saying she is doing the wrong thing?

U.S. Gun Ownership and Murder Rankings vs. the Rest of the World

How does the United States of America rank among other world nations, when looking at per capita firearms ownership and murder rates per 100,000 people? Is there a relationship among political party dominance, gun control, and violence in our cities? What do you think the USA's numbers are in the overall picture?

No matter what side of the 'gun control' argument you think you like, it is urgent that you watch this short and highly informative video!!

Shall We Force Ourselves To Repeat History?

Throughout world history there have been recurrent themes in our human earthly pursuit of trying to learn who we are supposed to be, and how we ought to interact with one another. God has shown us many things about our successes and failures through His Word, and the annals of history have confirmed those repeatedly, demonstrating that only individual people repent of their mistakes and learn from history. Governments never learn, but though they might have once been wholly equitable and just at their beginning, with time and self-indulgence those once august governments became wholly self-absorbed and overthrew the rights and justice by which they were once founded by their citizens.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Connecticut Arms Permits? No Constitutional Reason!

Connecticut Arms Permits? No Constitutional Reason!

By Craig M. Szwed

Connecticut, the "Constitution State", has been my home since 1974. Two hundred years earlier, this part of the British Colonies was saddled with tyrannical government that kept depriving colonists of more and more of their human rights. As our Founders broke away from the British Empire, they wrote constitutions for the federal and state governments, to ensure that our own governmental entities, which they had created, should always abide by the precepts and language in those constitutions, especially when our human rights were concerned. Our new governments, that comprised these United States of America, were supposed to be the servant of the people, and the people were supposed to keep track of what government was doing, to make sure that our rights were not infringed and that government did not get too big for its pants. (Somebody obviously messed up!)

Shall We Embrace Worldly Diversity, or Embrace Christ and Eternal Life?

Shall We Embrace Worldly Diversity, or Embrace Christ and Eternal Life?

by Craig M. Szwed

We can scour the Bible's Old and New Testaments in search of consistent justification for the worldly tolerance of diverse cultures, opinions, and behaviors, yet, we shall not find God accepting any worldly program that does not submit to Him and His ways. While Scripture does allow for the free will of humanity to make choices, still God calls all of us to examine all things according to His Word and His point of view. If one prayerfully reads His Word and questions God about His clear intents in the Bible, from the "ten commandments" in Exodus to the New Testament books of John, Romans, and Revelation, one can easily see the eternal and temporal life to which God calls all souls, and that that life God wants for each human being is only in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

Monday, January 12, 2015

"Twelve Steps" for Our Citizens, Our States, and the Whole USA

"Twelve Steps" for Our Citizens, Our States, and the Whole USA

By Craig M. Szwed

This may not be terribly original, but sometimes we just need to review the way we do things. Someone once told me that we are probably insane if we keep expecting different results from our actions even though we refuse to change the way we do things. Doctors may or may not consider that as part of the definition of insanity, but such irrational expectations can definitely push us beyond rational behavior, and with terrible consequences.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shall I Choose Self-indulgence or Godly Wisdom?

Even at my age, and after being saved for over 30 years, I am, STILL, slowly learning from God that whenever I

Friday, January 2, 2015

From Guns To Gideon

One of the emails in my inbox, today, was happily declaring that our nation would never be successfully invaded due to the existence of an estimated 30 million to 50 million hunters across this land. Without doing all the research for the reader, one online conservation source does loosely confirm that about 45 million living men, women, and children have hunted in the USA. That is a lot of people who know how to handle firearms in the fields & woods, but that is NOT an army of resistance fighters. Yet, is it any small wonder that an ignorant, fearful public and power-hungry elitists and politicians seek to strip firearms owners and enthusiasts of our natural Rights, including our First & Second Amendment Rights?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

God Knows We Are Alive When He Makes Us

While there are many who love to argue about when life begins, and who is in charge of it, I hope that the reader will prayerfully consider what God says about His creation of each of us and His purpose for each of us.