Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shall We Force Ourselves To Repeat History?

Throughout world history there have been recurrent themes in our human earthly pursuit of trying to learn who we are supposed to be, and how we ought to interact with one another. God has shown us many things about our successes and failures through His Word, and the annals of history have confirmed those repeatedly, demonstrating that only individual people repent of their mistakes and learn from history. Governments never learn, but though they might have once been wholly equitable and just at their beginning, with time and self-indulgence those once august governments became wholly self-absorbed and overthrew the rights and justice by which they were once founded by their citizens.

Hundreds of years ago, North American colonists struggled to sort out their meaning and destiny, upon these lands that we call these United States of America. The History Channel has brought the American Revolution, or War of Independence, to life, more honestly than ever, that we might see the rawness, the terribleness, the tyranny, the humanity, the weaknesses, and the victories of our “American” struggle. Let us take notice thereof, that we each might clarify who we are and what it means to be a citizen of this Nation, based on the foundational struggles of this Nation and based on our Founding Documents.

In conjunction with watching this landmark series, I highly recommend reading our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, that we each might clarify in our own minds the cost of freedom; that we should return to that Liberty for which our Forebears fought so hard to carve out of themselves and history; that we might aspire and work to remain a free people under constitutional law, unfettered by the kind of tyranny and worldly lust and domination that caused the Colonists’ pot to boil over, the seething and overflow of which did foster the necessity to discover the Founding Principles and Documents of this Nation, under God.

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