Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fear and Decay, or Life and Growth

I understand the worldly logic that compares terrorists and murderers to rattlesnakes, or to other aggressive poisonous snakes, and that calls for eradication of those offending vipers. Yes, violent crime needs to be dealt with harshly, by government, as God said it should. However, if we, the People, really want or expect to see any realistic changes in the existing patterns of human behavior in our Nation, if we want to truly see God's blessings consistently poured upon us, then we must honestly ask ourselves how we have arrived at this point in U.S. history, AND what we need to do to stop further escalation along destructive paths that we have chosen personally, or as a nation.
Since Eve led Adam to willingly sin, and Cain killed his brother Abel, to one degree or another, we have all been sinning against God. As violent as human history has been, overall, can we honestly say that the United States of America are ONLY experiencing a problem with the doctrinal violence of Islam? To limit our awareness to such an extreme is to blind ourselves to Truth.

Biblically, God allowed Israel to be overrun and subjugated numerous times in order that Israel might learn humility, repentance, and love for God, in place of their love of self and  sin. What concerns me far more than the concept of God allowing Muslims to enter or run the USA is the vast number of US citizens and government officials who outright reject Christ, or who give lip service to Jesus Christ but fail to accept Christ's offer of salvation, guidance, and godly living.
Anyone who has honestly read and accepted God's Bible and all the examples of human success and failure contained therein, knows that nations only survive as long as they seek for and honor the One True God with all their heart, mind, soul, strength, and substance. In other words, everything that we are, or that we do, or that we own, it ALL belongs to God Almighty, and is only on loan to us for a short while that we might learn to love and honor Him. That is a consistent theme in both the Old and New Testaments. We make ourselves into selfish liars and cheats whenever we do anything less than that to which God calls us.
No matter what the founding structure of any people, whenever a nation's people and their leaders keep pushing away God, to pursue their own selfish way of living, then God rejects them and allows competing nations to subdue, subjugate, or destroy them.
Many people refuse to accept responsibility for their own sin, and reject the notion that their personal lack of intervention is in any way responsible for the ongoing sins of others. They dare not accept the biblical idea that the collective sins of their community or nation will be called to account on God's Judgment Day. They seem clueless regarding God's righteous judgment that has stirred the troubles that our country faces, troubles that we may well have brought upon ourselves.
Let's be honest. In recent decades, especially, we, in the USA, are not sinless before God, beginning with our ejection of God and His Word from our education system. We are also collectively responsible for allowing our so-called Supreme Court to institutionalize the murder of many tens of millions of our own children, for the idolatrous rationalization of personal gain or convenience. Those unrepented national sins, plus our own personal unrepented sins, are far more than sufficient cause for Righteous and Almighty God to wipe us off the map.
Yet, He has NOT wiped us out. Instead, God has debts and continues to send preachers, and teachers, and missionaries of His Word to call us to repent. He even sends an occasional righteous political leader who really believes and lives according to God's word, proof that God is still calling to us to repentance before Christ. Yet, as we, the People, fail to heed God's call, He sends people of other religions here, to test and try us, that we might see our own sin by their zeal and love for their false religions. How much longer shall we continue to choose to provoke the Living God?
If we continue to reject God's counsel and His way of doing things, historically speaking, the USA doesn't stand a chance because our people love their sin more than they love God and His Christ.

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