Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ONE HUNDRED and FOUR Years of Anti-gun Laws Have Solved NOTHING

All of us who say we are for our Constitution and Rights need to diligently start actively opposing the ongoing issue of Obama Administration and BATF arms and ammo bans. The US Bill of Rights and our Connecticut Constitution’s Article I Section 15 remind us that our Right to self-defense is NOT given to us, nor to be moderated, by the government, but that Right is “inalienable” and natural to our humanity. That God-given Right is for the preservation of self in the conduct of our daily lives and duties, even as the apostle Paul demonstrated when he commented about having survived being “in perils of robbers”, and about having battled with beasts at Ephesus. According to the Bible, evidently, this vital and influential Christian fought for his life on more than one occasion.

The passage of the Sullivan Act, in NY, took effect in 1911, in an attempt to keep guns out of the hands of gang members, because of a terrified outcry of citizens against gang wars. But, requiring all gun owners to get permits did not stop the NY gangs from existing, did not stop violence, did not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. For 104 years now, state and federal governments have been trying to control people who have criminal and violent intentions, by infringing on the Rights of law-abiding citizens… BUT violent crime STILL has NOT gone away. Now, despite all the anti-gun laws, our society is still riddled with individual criminals, gang violence, AND cartel related violent crime!!

Under the socialistic president Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Federal Firearms Act of 1934 violated our Civil Rights, and did not stop gangs or violence. All the gun and ammo bans of the last quarter of the 1900s, likewise, infringed on our Rights without stopping violent crimes.

Here in the ironic, anti-Rights, “Constitution State” of Connecticut, despite all the recent legal infringements levied against our natural-constitutional Rights, especially the 2013 passage of the egregious SB1160 law, individual violent crimes, home invasions, and violent gang activity have not ceased, either. Despite the hundreds, or possibly thousands, of anti-Rights, anti-firearms laws, edicts, rulings, administrative procedure mandates, etc., we see that armed muggings, robberies, murders, assaults, home invasions, and other armed criminal activity have not ceased, nationwide. Yet the government and ignorant supporters continue to call for more and increasingly restrictive anti-gun laws. 

There is a HUGE mental and social disconnect between the stated objectives of the anti-gun crowd and the reality of what they have NOT been able to accomplish: ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR YEARS of Constitution-infringing anti-gun “gun control” laws have NOT achieved the claimed objectives of the proponents of such laws. Their “gun control” reasoning is just as flawed as if they tried to stop the root cause of broken windows by banning rocks. Our government is broken, our officials are ignorantly pursuing a pipe dream that has NOT worked for 104 years!! But, still, the blind officials keep passing anti-gun laws that add to the morass of the same kind of unconstitutional laws, laws that infringe continually and increasingly on law-abiding citizens.

We, the citizens of this State and this Nation, MUST actively oppose the unproductive, unconstitutional laws that have been forced upon us. IF we want to be able to exercise our Rights, then we MUST stand up for our Rights, no matter what the cost to us personally. Rights are NOT granted to us by government, yet for 104 years we, the People, have allowed ignorant and misinformed government officials to pass infringements against us and against our Rights. Those infringements have been in place burdening us 104 years too long. If we allow those infringements to remain then we have agreed to be slaves to those infringements and to the governments and officials who have placed such burdens upon us.

Any premeditated violent or criminal action is hateful toward one’s fellow human being. Any premeditated aggressive use of weapons against another person is not defensive. Any person with a felonious criminal record has no Right to keep or bear arms because of their proven anti-social history. There are no other laws needed with regard to arms and ammunition. We need to get busy and undo 104 years of bad anti-gun laws, and replace those with simple sensible adherence to our Constitution, and Bible-based law on which this Nation was founded.

For an accurate, longitudinal, cross-sectional, nationwide study of the real effect of firearms laws on crime, the reader may wish to read John R. Lott, Jr.'s book, "More Guns, Less Crime".

The following argument and plea from the folks at Moss Pawn and Gun is set at the Alamo in Texas, a poignant, earthy, reminder of the cost of Principles, Power, and Freedom.

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