Friday, February 20, 2015

Oaths Do NOT Come With Expiration Dates

Many, or most, of us have either taken a constitutional oath, or know people who did so at some point in their lives. What is an oath, but a promise to fulfill an obligation. Those of us who signed on with the military, political offices, or other public service jobs such as police, fire, or intelligence services, all put ourselves under oath to serve, support, defend, and protect our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.That defense of our Constitution includes defense of the Rights stated therein, without exception and without infringement.

Too often those leaving active public service may think that their constitutional oaths have expired, but I never heard of any oath of office, whether military or other public service, that had an embedded expiration clause. Therefore, there are millions upon millions of us who have sworn constitutional oaths, and we are still under those oaths to support and defend our Constitution, even though we may no longer still serve in the same capacity that we once did. As citizens of the USA, we willingly declared our oaths of service before humanity and God, and our oaths stand, until we die. 

It is with all our sworn brothers and sisters, who remain under oath before God Almighty, that I plead my case. We must remember the fire and determination with which we swore our oaths to “support and defend”. We must allow ourselves to be rekindled and force ourselves to labor diligently in the just cause of our Constitution and the protection of our constitutional Rights… ALL of our Rights... not solely for ourselves as individuals, but for the benefit of every American citizen.

Every honest citizen of these United States of America has seen serious infringements on our Rights, and is disturbed by those infringements. An ongoing barrage of political manipulations continues to be forced upon the public by those who attack our Constitution. The attackers, in government and among the public, deny the wisdom of our Constitution and continue to work to undermine it. It is, therefore, up to all reasonable and constitutionally-grounded citizens of our states to keep government in check whenever government violates the constitutionally instituted checks and balances of our system. If “we, the people” fail to return government to the language and confines of our Constitution, then this system that we call the USA shall utterly collapse, which seems to be the objective of too many in power and in government.

With any collapse of government comes chaos. In our Nation, today, such a collapse looks to be instigated and perpetrated by the government itself, because it has little regard for the citizens, virtually no regard for our Constitution, and a very strong interest in growing itself to be able to wholly dominate the citizens instead of serving them. 

For all the people who have sworn constitutional oaths of public office and public service, the government’s attack against the Constitution fosters a severe conundrum, which is that all those persons under oath have sworn to uphold the very Constitution that the government seeks to tear down. When it comes down to knowing how to perform one's duty, how is the person under oath to distinguish between an out of control government and the Constitution under which that government was birthed. To resolve this conundrum that sworn persons face, that they might continue in good conscience before their fellow man and God, I submit the following declaration of intents from Oath Keepers. I hope that this list helps each person under constitutional oath to be at peace about what is the right thing to do. Oath Keepers have carefully and thoughtfully looked at our Constitution and Bill of Rights and laid out a list of governmental orders with which Oath Keepers will not comply, that the spirit and intent of our Constitution and the Rights of the American people might not be infringed nor violated by anyone under constitutional oath. Furthermore, these listed declarations are decent, moral, common sense guidelines for anyone who loves and respects the Natural Rights of Humanity.

God bless you to support and defend our Constitution, for the actions and decisions listed in that above link are not civil disobedience, but they are righteous actions and decisions that are in obedience to the founding Principles and Documents of our Nation.

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