Sunday, February 15, 2015

Politics & Ignorance, BATF & Ammo Restrictions, ALL AGAINST Our Constitutional Rights

Politics, Ignorance, BATF, & Ammo Restrictions, Versus Our Constitutional Rights

By Craig M. Szwed

One of my blog followers suggested that I tackle the issue of BATF regulated ammo bans, in light of more stringent bans that are supposed to be instituted by the BATF. Anti-gun politicians and their crowd are trying to kill the ownership and use of the AR-15, and its ammo. Personally, I could care less about owning an AR-15, but I completely disapprove of this lame duck presidency and its anti-Rights cronies' desperate attempts to ram unconstitutional nonsense down the throat of every law-abiding citizen of this nation!! Their only argument is fear and control, yet they neglect Law, reason, and science. They have no constitutional right nor mandate to infringe on the Second Amendment! They are in violation and must be held accountable for their treason against our Constitution. Law-abiding citizens must NOT allow the government officials to continue their unconstitutional assault against us and our Civil Rights!!

My biggest issue with any ammo ban is that restricting the ammo available to law-abiding citizens alters the intent of our Second Amendment to our Constitution. “Shall not be infringed” is a very specific commentary on what our Founders thought should and should not come to pass. Our Constitution makes it clear that our Founders intended us to be able to defend ourselves from enemies, foreign and domestic, and that the Constitution did NOT have the intent that citizens should only have the right to keep and bear arms without ammunition for defensive purposes. During our War of Independence, British commanders complained about American made Kentucky rifles, because of our superior range and accuracy. Our present government is whining about our constitutionally guaranteed rights and infringing as the British did to confound, deny, and restrain us from the full exercise of our natural Rights of self-defense. Our government officials are lying and cheating to get their own way, instead of abiding by the language and Law of our Constitution. Our Constitution does NOT discriminate against any form of ammunition, unlike the modern governmental oversight that declares that ‘sporting’ purposes are the only legitimate measure for ammunition manufacture for, and ownership by, law-abiding citizens. Governmental restriction of ammunition is nonsense, as it voids the intent of our Constitution, since our Constitution clearly states that arms are primarily for the protection of our citizens, with no mention of a 'sporting' use qualifier.

Constitutional protection clearly means the Right and ability of law-abiding citizens to stop the threat of evil and attackers against ourselves, or against those we love. If armored attackers come up against us then we should be able to arm ourselves with armor piercing ammo, without infringement. Guess what! The bad guys already have, or can get, on the black market, all the military-grade armor and armor-piercing ammo that they want, whether their intent is to attack law-enforcement personnel or civilians. All the governmental restrictions against civilians having and using armor piercing ammo are grossly negligent, in that, such restrictions condemn law-abiding citizens to "inferior" weaponry for self-defense. It is common knowledge that anyone with malicious intent can gain access to any kind of weapon that they desire, given the time, effort, and resources needed to acquire such weapons. Even so-called anti-gun politicians have participated in that black market. Illegal arms trafficking by California’s Senator Yee clearly demonstrated that to be true.

All the laws and rules in the world will NOT stop illegal arms traffic, so long as those with evil intent continue to sustain that trade. Even if all arms and ammo are taken away from all law-abiding citizens, that shall NOT stop the criminal use of arms by those with evil or criminal intent. Fear and ignorance run rampant among the anti-Rights, anti-gun populace of our nation, and among those in the general population who do not bother to research the real causes and means of violence in our nation. Few, if any, have ever read John Lott Jr's "More Guns, Less Crime", a heroic, nationwide, scientific study of the issues of firearms ownership in relation to violence. Couple that public fear and ignorance with the manipulative pandering of politicians who are bent on gutting our Constitution of all meaning, and who are intent on destroying our Civil Rights, and you end up with our present anti-rights, anti-gun ‘perfect storm’ of fearful public knee-jerk voting and political haymaking, the combination of which is rapidly eroding, dissolving, and replacing the Rights of every law-abiding citizen in this nation with self-serving governmental overlords who make “public safety” promises that they can never keep and which they have no means of fulfilling.

If law-abiding citizens continue to allow the government to take away our rights, then, there will surely be blood in virtually every street, as persons with evil intent increase their criminal, anti-social, violent activities, against which even a “cop on every corner’ will not suffice to curb the volume of criminal actions against unarmed citizens. Law-abiding citizens who value their Civil Rights, at all, MUST stand up and engage themselves in this battle. We all must shoulder our responsibilities to resist this increasingly oppressive and overbearing government that has almost entirely discarded our U.S. Constitution and which totally disrespects the Rights of every U.S. citizen.

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