Friday, January 15, 2016

Refugees, Immigrants, Sex Attacks, Terrorism: Is There Any Cause For Concern?

By now, lots of U.S. citizens have either seen or read about President Obama's final State of the Union speech. Besides lying to the public about our economy, the President glossed over our immigration system problems. He also accused many U.S. citizens of bigotry because we raise questions and alarms about existing immigration policy. Obama leveled hateful charges against anyone who raises questions about refugees, and most particularly with regard to Islamic refugees... though he never mentioned the middle and high security risk prisoners that were moved out of Guantanamo, nor did he mention the U.S. sailors who were held captive by Iran, nor did he mention the hostile missiles fired near U.S. warships.

Some would accuse me of trying to beat on the President. OK, let's give the President the benefit of any doubt for one moment, maybe he forgot or no one advised him about those issues... yeah, right! On the other hand, let's just do a Google search about terrorism and see what people around the world are concerned with about that topic:

OK, obviously, based on all the worldwide internet articles about the nature and scope of terrorism, and despite Obama's glib and disrespectful remarks aimed at concerned U.S. citizens, there really IS a problem with terrorism around the world. Now, how does terrorism correlate with immigration?

Well, virtually every U.S. citizens KNOWS that our faulty immigration system allowed at least one of the now infamous San Bernardino Islamic terrorists to shoot their way into history. BUT, there are more ways to terrorize people than maiming or killing them. New Year's celebrants in Cologne, Germany, were rudely jolted by the reality of mass sex attacks against women. 

The following link connects us to many varying reports about the New Year's incidents, but, one common thread is that apparently the attacks were carried out by immigrants who had been welcomed by the German and Cologne governments. I highly suggest that readers familiarize themselves with the related issues by at least scanning three pages worth of the research links. These issues are happening in other countries, and if attacks of this nature are happening there, then we should not be surprised to see the same thing here, given that many of the refugees and immigrants are coming from the same cultural and religious backgrounds as those who perpetrated the sex attacks in Cologne.

Many nations are discovering that their open door policies toward immigrants are backfiring and ruining their cultures and laws. Too many immigrants want their own cultural or religious laws to govern them, and some of them even expect U.S. citizens to bow to their law, even though it is they who petitioned us for help and shelter. Now, once here, they put aside the pretended respect for the USA, and now, without respect for the existing Law of the Land they want us to be subject to their ways. THAT IS happening around us in other nations, but, THAT type of disrespectful attitude, that some immigrants have, toward these United States of America and our constitutional law SHOULD NEVER BE tolerated by us. 

My father's parents were born in Poland, never knowing each other until they arrived and met in this country. My dad was born here, and  as a first generation U.S. born citizen, he basically told my repeatedly in various ways, "I am not going to teach you Polish. You live in these United States of America. Learn English. Learn to be an American. You live here and need to learn to survive here according to the Law of this Land." I salute my father for his wisdom and willingness to let go of the old ways in order to learn a better way, the way of the Constitution of these United States of America... but, though I digress, I'm sure you understand my point in following that rabbit trail. So, back to the problem of terrorism, immigration, and the clash of cultures. Here's that New Year's sex attack information:

If we, existing U.S. citizens, who love and respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights, fail to occupy our Land and WORK together to honor and protect our Constitution and our Nation, according to our Declaration of Independence AND the existing constitutional Law of our Land, then immigrants shall surely have their way and corrupt our Nation into something that these United States of America was NOT designed to be. We must put Jesus Christ first, in order to honor and sustain what God allowed our Forebears to hand to us, for without trusting and putting Christ first, we have nothing on which to stand.

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