Saturday, January 30, 2016

USA WAY DOWN on Murder Rate List Compared to Anti-gun Cultures

Now that Election 2016 politicking is gaining a more feverish tempo, and our lame duck president is facing his last few months in office, we hear him and the anti-gun crowd make more and more arguments for more gun control. The Liberals, Moderates, and Socialists load their unconstitutional anti-firearms agendas with ignorant or deliberate lies against the true nature of firearms ownership and use. The anti-gun crowd, also, severely distorts the international, comparative data, in attempts to dupe the public into thinking that the Liberals, Moderates, and Socialists care about public's safety. The crazy thing is that many of them BELIEVE their own distorted hype and gladly drink their own Kool-Aid. The following link touches on the discussion of where the USA ranks in relation to the rest of the world, when discussing per capita murder statistics. I hope you will find this link helpful as you sort through the anti-gun crowd's lies about the firearms ownership and the use of firearms by responsible law-abiding U.S. citizens:

Looking at the comparisons among those cited nations, you will see that the anti-gun lobby and its crony politicians are delusional and obsessive about their firearms phobia, AND that they are WAY OFF base with regard to their use of most information related to firearms. Anti-firearms individuals and groups want to strip us of our weapons and our rights, all the while, they refuse to admit that such disarmament has NOT reduced the murder rates in those nations and cultures that have disarmed their citizens.

Arguments about researchers mishandling or misrepresenting research data, or deliberately concocting research that skews data to support the opinion or fantasy of the researcher, has been going on for a long time. The following Google search reveals that that is true, not just with reference to the above linked information, but with regard to, both, general murder rates and firearms related rates. So, it is important that all readers step up to their responsibility to try to determine if there is any evidence that the reporter or researcher is trying to juggle the data, grind an axe, or to really search for the truth:

In order to overcome the lies of the anti-gun, anti-rights crowd, you and I need to stick to, and support and defend, our U.S. Constitution every election year and every day of our lives. Time has proven that citizens have been fighting for more than one hundred years against the anti-gun movement. THAT is NOT a once in a while enemy, or battle, that we citizens face. Fighting for and exercising our natural and constitutional rights is part of a life long war to preserve our human rights that are continually being attacked by those with ignorant or evil intent. As the saying goes, "Freedom isn't free." We need godly, conservative, constitutionally-minded officials to be elected, hired, and appointed to positions of responsibility and guidance throughout our Nation. YOU and I, as voters and citizens, are accountable to God and our Constitution, and to each other. We must stick to the truth in how we fight this war to save our God-given Nation. Let us work together in this election, and always, to adhere to the Bible and its Principles, and to support and defend our Constitution.

God bless you as you seek Him through His Word.

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