Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hypocrisy Is Killing USA - Get Back To God & Constitution

Someone posted an anonymous internet commentary that pointedly asked if anyone is considering voting, in 2016, for the same people who are in office right now, or voting for replacement candidates who think or act like those in office.

The writer's point was that if we keep voting for the same kinds of people, then we are going to keep getting the same kind of government about which we are already complaining. The writer raised three thorny statements, that nail the hypocritical and false heart and mind of some politicians and voters in our society. My own paraphrase and embellishments of the comments follow:

1. Certain members of our government and the "politically correct" sternly warn against profiling and strongly advise everyone NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few Islamic terrorists and lunatics, ...BUT,... on the other hand, those same people, who are so quick to advise us about not profiling to determine the actions of radical Islamists, those same people are swift and bold to "encourage" or almost order U.S. citizens to profile with prejudice and pre-judge ALL gun owners, including all the tens of millions of responsible law-abiding gun owners, with all their prejudice and condemnation of gun owners being based solely upon the actions of a few lunatics.

2. We hear repeatedly in the popular media about how Social Security is going to run out of money, BUT, we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money, just like we hear that taxes are being increased, but we don't hear about all the politicians taking pay or benefit cuts to ease the burden on taxpayers.

3. We keep hearing horror stories about faulty service from the Veterans Administration, or reduced benefits for our military veterans, poor pay for our military, reduced military strength, and the firing of highly qualified military leaders, all of which contrasts harshly with the handouts and payments to illegal aliens who continue to receive child support payments, money for housing, food stamps, and free education.

4. Adding to that writer's list, we hear far too often about malnutrition and hunger in this Nation, about infrastructure problems and citizens living is abject poverty and squalor, yet our politicians funnel billions of our tax dollars into other nations, helping those nations while our citizens suffer, with politicians even going to such extremes as the President making financially beneficial promises to nations that have sworn themselves to destroy our Nation and our culture. Furthermore, we see politicians and other citizens allowing, if not encouraging, tens of millions of legal and illegal immigrants to come into our Nation, while those same politicians and citizens allow or encourage the ongoing butchery of our unborn children by way of tens of millions of abortions. Do not these last paired practices of immigration and abortion form the practical basis of genocide against U.S. citizens and U.S. culture?

Where is the decency, common sense, or constitutionality in those ongoing hypocrisies and attacks? How do we, the citizens of these United States of America, live with ourselves as we fail to work to curb the "politically correct", liberal, socialistic, immoral, and unconstitutional hypocrisies that are raised in statements 1 through 4 above?

From U.S. political history, these last 50 to 80 years, it is pretty obvious that there are few politicians who have the courage to stand with God and our Constitution. Those few who have stood on godly and constitutional ground have seldom been supported by the People. But, when such men and women have the godly and constitutional support of the People, then this Nation can move in a holier direction than the one on which we presently travel. You and I, the People, are the answer to demanding accountability, as well as supporting godly constitutional candidates and officials, and in this way we can all contribute our love and labors to help fix our Nation. We must return to biblical and constitutional Principles and practices that honor the God of the Bible and respect the Rights of all U.S. citizens without putting unconstitutional burdens on the rest of this Nation's citizens.

Our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights all clearly establish that Government is supposed to be by the will of the People and a servant to the People; that Government and those who accept positions of responsibility therein are NOT to subjugate nor enslave nor provoke the People of this Nation. It is also established in those August Documents that personal freedom, responsibility, and accountability are to be held in the highest esteem in our Nation, and that the Government is to respect the People, not hold the People in disdain.

Any infringement against our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and/or our Bill of Rights, by any citizen, any corporate entity, any alien, any domestic or foreign government, its agents, or its agencies, is NOT an option, and is constitutionally, politically, and morally unacceptable. In particular, we, the People, must insist that all domestic U.S. and State governments, agents, and agencies, of and within these United States of America shall cease and desist from all unconstitutional laws, edicts, and practices, and that said governments, agents, and agencies must return in and to full adherence to the Constitutions of our respective States and Nation.

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