Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Human Nature & Violence: A Response to Senator Murphy

Senator Murphy,

Thank you for your lengthy letter about firearms, anti-social behavior, and criminal activity.

With all due respect to the august Office that you hold, I take offense that you neglect to acknowledge the more than 100 years of failed anti-gun legislation in our nation, legislation that has failed to control the part of human nature that takes upon itself the will to do evil. I take offense that you have taken it upon yourself to force your personal feelings, opinion, and rule over Connecticut and U.S. citizens, and that you fail to represent law-abiding citizens of Connecticut, and our Nation, whenever you fail to honor our Constitution’s Language.
I, also, find it offensive that your adherence to the Obama and Bloomberg anti-gun party-line appears far more important to you, than adherence to the literal Language of our State and Federal Constitutions and Bill of Rights.

Your continued dedication to anti-gun dogma continues to yield the same lame talk and failed results, about getting tough on crime and criminals. Your words and efforts belie the fact that your actions seem to indicate that your real interest is in stripping law-abiding citizens of their ability to adequately protect themselves and their loved ones (with whatever means law-abiding citizens choose to use). While you prattle on about controlling gun violence, you have blindly avoided the fact that FBI statistics clearly demonstrate that for EVERY violent crime that is committed with a firearm there are SEVEN MORE violent crimes perpetrated against individuals and society, using means and weapons that are NOT firearms! Among anti-gun people who profess to want to better society and stop human violence, why is there no commensurate anti-weapons clamor calling for the banning of baseball bats, pressure cookers, fists, feet, nylon stockings, rope, motor vehicles, knives, pillows, and a host of other weapons that are brandished, and by which violent assault, maiming, and murder are committed against people within our Nation’s borders? The very fact that SEVEN out of EVERY EIGHT violent crimes is committed with the use of some kind of weapon OTHER THAN a firearm, most strenuously begs the question of what politicians are doing to appropriately address violent human tendencies, instead of investing and focusing more than 100 years of failed time, money, and effort on “firearms control”. Just as Obama’s regime has continued to weaken our Nation’s military, so he has sought to undermine the fabric and safety of our society. Any weakening and undermining of the Principles and Tenets of these United States of America is not acceptable, just as violent crime is NOT acceptable. Supplanting constitutional Law with other laws and edicts is also NOT acceptable.

As every resistance movement, in every dictatorial society, has proven throughout history, no quantity of government or dictator-pleasing police or soldiers within our homes or on our streets will ever bring domestic peace to the streets. Furthermore, the forced removal of every firearm from the hands of every law-abiding citizen shall NOT bring peace for dictators, their petitioners, or their sycophants, but rather a forcibly disarmed citizenry shall invent its own means of protection, for its own preservation, as the Warsaw Ghetto proved under Hitler. Human behavior is governed by the consent of the governed, not by external law or edict. The Word of God and history both prove that premise. Human behavior is governed by the godly citizen’s own will to do right, whereas the evil-minded among us will themselves to do what is wrong. It is self-motivated, self-serving, clever sin that is killing our Nation. It is the sinful will of evil-doers, NOT GUNS, that assault our people and our society, as the Boston Marathon bombings proved, so eloquently. In some people, the inclination to commit evil will always choose to express itself no matter what you, I, or anyone else does. If society has done all that it can to live godly and set a godly example, helping and correcting others around us in godly ways, then, when someone/anyone chooses to violate the social godliness and trust by choosing to perpetrate evil, all that society and its government can do is punish the person or persons who perpetrated the evil. Our U.S. penal system is loaded with hundreds of thousands of cases of sinful acts against our fellow beings, especially violent cases. It is a travesty of ungodly injustice that, instead of executing violent offenders, some weak-willed people and “leaders” agree that our laws should NOT be what God says, but that the laws of our Nation be weak, hypocritically encouraging and allowing violent prisoners to receive luxurious food, housing, and medical care, compared to the innocent poor and homeless among us. Where is the love of God and our fellow man of which God speaks, if and when we excuse or pamper violent criminals putting them together to hone their arcane crafts; strip law-abiding citizens of their weapons of choice which sets them up to be victims of the willfully violent; and neglect care of our poor, our mentally suffering, and our homeless and broken hearted. Where is our personal and collective hunger and thirst for the Living God of the Bible? Why are we not racing, for help, to the only One who can help us get our lives straight with Him and with one another?

Biblically and historically, when any society refuses to deal with sin as God says to do; when politicians and leaders refuse to do their godly duty to execute the death penalty on violent offenders, then it is those failed leaders who encourage violence and abuse of the citizens. NO LAW is able to prevent the commission of sin, evil, violence, BUT ungodly violent sin and anti-social behaviors MUST be correctly judged and punished by the laws that the rest of our society choose to obey, especially by God’s Law. There is great delusion in the world today. Way too many people make believe that God is going to wink at all the sin and failure that we humans commit against Him and against one another. God says that we are wrong in that kind of wishful thinking. We must choose on what side of this grave battle we shall stand. Human nature either chooses to do what is right or what is wrong, and no amount of edicts or laws will ever stop interpersonal or anti-social violence. Even the Law of God proves that. But those who seek Truth find a way to discern right from wrong. Look up the history of the expression “running amok”. See, there, that even societies without firearms have had to deal with mass murders, even as there are still mass murders in China, today, where citizens are forbidden to own firearms. Biblically speaking, why did God not utterly ban mankind’s use of stones after Cain killed Abel? Or, why wasn’t David banned from using his sling as a shepherd after he used it to kill Goliath? He was using a state of the art firearm, even though he didn’t have gunpowder! How come his society didn’t freak out and ban slings? What so-called primitive societies often grasp, and that so-called civilized societies fail to understand, is that violent anti-social individuals happen AND that they MUST held personally accountable, and punished, for their actions. On the other hand, society CANNOT AFFORD to blame the tools of weaponry or law-abiding citizens for the actions of law-breakers, terrorists, gangsters, or the mentally ill.

God says that human nature must learn to submit to the God of the Bible, and to godly Principles, such as our God-given Constitution. It is NOT for government to forbid and infringe upon the biblical or constitutional Rights of law-abiding citizens, but rather, it is the duty of government to punish and execute violent criminals and any who despise godly justice. Too many elected and appointed officials, as well as too many of “we, the People,” in this Nation have too little respect for God, the Bible, and our Constitution. Such weak-willed persons seek to look away from Truth in order to excuse their own sin, or to curry favor with ungodly elements of society. Therefore, let us learn, from the Bible and history, that our Nation will continue to decay into greater and greater violence, so long as people and politicians push away the God of the Bible, push away His Word and mandates for godly living and government, His definitions of crime and of punishment, and push away our God-given Constitution, with its stated Right to responsible self-defense. Time constraints, technology, or cultural or personal preferences were not stated as determining, limiting, or justifying factors that should in any way infringe upon the enumerations contained in our Bill of Rights. Self-defense and use of arms was understood to be effected by whatever means citizens should find necessary (without stepping on the rights of other citizens). All members of Congress who originally voted in support of our Bill of Rights understood that self-defense meant by whatever means was practical in their day, placing NO limitation at all on the type of weapon or weapons. The only thing that they stressed in the Bill of Rights, and our other Founding Documents that they approved, was the need for mutual respect for the Rights of other citizens. All the respective States that were, then, in these United States of America, and all our States that have since joined themselves hereto, have pledged themselves to ALL our Founding Principles, Documents, AND our Bill of Rights, having ALL agreed to abide by the literal Language of our Bill of Rights, WITHOUT INFRINGEMENT. ANYONE who disagrees with that, or practices law or behavior contrary to our literal Constitution, is in violation of the Law of our U.S. Constitution.

God helps us all return to His Bible, godly behavior, and to the plain language of our Constitution.

With all due respect,
Craig Szwed

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