Sunday, January 3, 2016

Search For REAL Peace

 In many different contexts and throughout the centuries, millions, billions, and possibly trillions of people in virtually every culture have said that they have wanted peace. What, then, is peace, if so many people say that they want it, yet we find so few examples of it in our world? And given that we see so few examples of peace, how are people supposed to achieve it. While many people deny that God exists and that the Bible is His Word, from God's point of view the opinions of those detractors do not negate all that He has said.

The two primary questions we must ask ourselves are, 1)
Who is God? and 2) Are we in a working personal relationship with Him? If we are not sure on either point, or if we do not agree with Him about these two points, then we are lost in our sin and in jeopardy of perishing without salvation. Those are the first two steps toward finding the kind of peace to which God calls us.
The following questions about peace can only derive true meaning and direction in our lives once we settle the two questions that are raised above.

3. Are we basing our search for peace on human scheming and philosophizing or on our obedience to God's eternally reliable Word?

4. Have we honestly consulted the Prince of Peace about how to obtain peace?

5. Have we compared our idea of peace with God's definition of peace?

5. Are we willing to accept that, for us to truly be at peace, we may need to lay aside all personal glory, ambition, and safety, including being ridiculed for the mission that we need to fulfill?

6. Are we willing to recognize that real peace requires not only self-sacrifice but, also, the will to go to war for righteous causes, and to recognize that being willing to go to war means preparing, prioritizing, training, and arming one's self for combat, both worldly and spiritual?

7. If we want to see a very practical example of faith and obedience in action, facing hardship and achieving a faith-based armed and working peace, even in the midst of hostile neighbors, we can read the Book of Nehemiah.

8. When we settled questions 1 & 2 and then have aspired to and practiced all these things, then we have true hope of agreeing in all things with the One True God of Creation.

May you find and abide in the peace and purpose of God, according to His Word, for that, alone, shall stand the test of time and any trials that shall come in your life.

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