Monday, January 18, 2016

USCCA Concealed Carry Magazine: Excellent Info: Self-defense, Training, & Eyes On ANTI-GUN Politics

For anyone concerned about Human Rights, our terribly inconsistent "justice system", political denial of our Constitution and our Rights, or about firearms safety, the USCCA's Concealed Carry Magazine is a great source for accurate and timely information. The USCCA stands on, with, and for, our Constitution and our Rights. Not only do they help to rally and encourage responsible law-abiding citizens about responsible use of our firearms and support of our Second Amendment, but the USCCA also offers special promotions that help law-abiding firearms owners to train and to insure ourselves against improper legal actions against us, if/when we are forced to constitutionally defend ourselves with our firearms. Here is a link to their website, including the January 2016 magazine issue, which I hope will help spur Constitutionalists on to victory in this years elections. 

Most of my readers already KNOW that we are in a social, political, and constitutional battle that ALL citizens of these United States of America cannot afford to lose. Firearms owners who happen to normally vote for the Democratic Party, need to seriously consider that final editorial in this month's Concealed Carry Magazine, as well as other articles about "gun-free zones", etc. The Socialist agenda is already revealed in many of the laws that have been passed across our Nation since the 1930s, AND there is an openly avowed Socialist running for the Office of President of our Nation. THAT political agenda is contrary to our Constitution and its Principles. Furthermore, based on the lies and misleading information that is continually broadcast by the anti-gun crowd, and their supporters, it is obvious to any rational person that those who subscribe themselves to the anti-gun movement do NOT care what kind of firearms you own or shoot, because, the movement, as a whole, wants to see every firearm owner stripped of every arm and munition that we own.

The anti-gun crowd does NOT care about you or the safety of your family or your town. The anti-gun crowd, as a whole, is self-deceiving and willing to deceive the public in order to achieve their ends. They, like Neville Chamberlain, lamely and helplessly, do NOT fathom that their disarmament plans shall embolden far worse criminal and malevolent activity and violence than that which terrifies their fearfully and ignorantly driven lust for our tools of self-protection. They blindly and desperately seek for quick solutions, yet they ignore thousands of years of human violence patterns. They continue to misapply false information against firearms appreciating or using citizens, for the anti-gunners, by and large, do not care what means they use to defeat constitutionally-minded citizens, and they surely do not care who gets hurt by their lustful ignorance.

When you vote FOR the Principles and Language on which our Nation was founded, when you vote for our Bill of Rights, and stop being fearful of our attackers, THAT determination in YOU, and in me, is the kind of resolve that tore this Nation out of the grip of Great Britain and King George, and the kind of resolve that honors our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. THAT resolve, alone, as we humble ourselves before our Creator, will keep us a free nation.

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