Monday, April 6, 2015

Congress To De-Fund UN Arms Treaty? Will They Stop the UN Threat?

It looks like more constitutionally-minded and politically conservative members of the U.S. Congress are pushing to restrict and curtail the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty by blocking U.S. taxpayer money from supporting the UN anti-firearms, anti-sovereignty treaty: 

Connecticut Senators Blumenthal and Murphy are still snuggled WAY TOO CLOSE to Obama's sphere of influence and effluence. We do NOT want our Senators bowing and scraping as sycophants to the President's anti-firearms, anti-Rights whims. 

Citizens of Connecticut need to recall Senators Murphy and Blumenthal, and then appoint NEW Senators who will honor their oaths of office to support and defend our Constitution, and in so doing also be constitutionally responsive to the citizens in this state. We do NOT need 'yes men', but elected officials with the courage to stand and defend what our forefathers fought for and established in our Bill of Rights.

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