Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Walt Kelly's POGO: The Enemy is Us

More than all the power mongers and politicians put together, it is we, the American People, the citizens, who have allowed this present political mess to come to pass, by our own failure to occupy our responsibilities as citizens. For power and responsibilities that are not yielded by the citizens cannot be accumulated elsewhere by those who would keep those to themselves, and therewith strive to subjugate the citizens.

Too long have we Americans lived in willful ignorance or willful despair failing to get off our too tired, too lazy, too busy, or too fearful derrieres and get back into the fight that we never should have left. Eternal vigilance has no sabbaths nor vacations, but is indwelt and enlivened by the confidence of our common language and Documents, our abilities, our faith, our constant watchfulness, appropriate training, and proper, timely communications, to deal with all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I reapply, to the moral, spiritual, social, and political scenes, the following POGO cartoon quote from cartoonist Walt Kelly:

It’s way past time for everyone to start pulling their own weight to get busy shoveling and bagging the trash of society and politics! 

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