Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Despicable Who? Minions? Martial Law?

Ever wonder what martial law is or what it would be like if imposed here in the USA? Most U.S. citizens live a very "head in the sand" existence, which is greatly appreciated, and even loved, by our government and many officials in it. Because of our "ostrich-like" attitudes and behaviors, the Despicable among us can rise to positions of great wealth, power, and control, even to become President, where it has become all too easy for them to pass edicts that disregard our Founding Principles, Documents, and Law. The Minions of such Despicables eagerly dance to the tunes played for, up to, and including the highest levels of our government. The Minions frolic blithely in the discordant and dissonant reign and rain of unconstitutional infringements that poison the constitutional harmony that is supposed to infuse the rest of our nation. 

We are constant victims of social and civil rights rape and abuse by the Despicable and the Minions. Our republic is disrobed and naked before the Despicable enemy, struggling to keep from being spread-eagled for further violation. Because the citizens of these United States of America have allowed themselves to be so disrobed and victimized, we all suffer. By our acquiescence, we leave the door open to Martial Law, if we do not force ourselves to take back our constitutional clothes, redress ourselves in constitutional righteousness, then demand the redress of our grievances against our runaway government that has become too despicably large for its britches.

Many U.S. citizens may deny that denial is a part of their active thought process, especially when it comes to discussing government policy and practices. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, but a self-deceptive destroyer of ourselves and those about whom we care. By living in denial, we allow the destruction of all that we hold dear under our Constitution. Read our Bill of Rights, today, and start supporting and defending our Constitution. Stop victimizing yourself. Refuse to be a victim of governmental excess and abuse. Demand that government abide by our Constitution.

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