Friday, April 17, 2015

Governmental Mal-Intent: Proven Again

We have heard of Operation Choke Point and de-throned, anti-gun, former Attorney General, Eric Holder. We have heard of President Obama's nomination of anti-gun, asset forfeiture queen, Attorney General candidate, Loretta Lynch. But is anyone paying attention to the governmental attack pattern that continues to infringe and impinge upon law-abiding citizens? In this age of instant, reliable, online searches and information, some people still doubt that the government would ever willfully abuse law-abiding citizens. 

Personal and corporate asset forfeitures have been used to tackle criminals. We can understand that. However, when the government confiscates the assets of law-abiding citizens, who have NOT been convicted of anything, the officials responsible for such actions should be required to repay the harmed citizens, out of the officials' own pockets, and with interest, at the very least. For too long, officials have been able to hide, unaccountable, behind their offices, while they continue ongoing patterns of abuse against the good will and Rights of law-abiding citizens. 

Connecticut laws that violate constitutional due process been used to snatch the firearms of unconvicted citizens, but, also, local TV carried a news item about the Federal IRS forcing asset forfeiture of the relatives of people who had been overpaid by Social Security. The broad scope of the issue has been in various media for a significant time, but was aired on yesterday's evening TV news. When government keeps mandating asset forfeiture to force one person to pay another's debt, we see an ongoing utter disdain for US citizens and a serious disregard for our US Constitution, despite constitutional guarantees of our individual Rights against unreasonable search and seizure when there has been no appropriate due process and conviction against the penalized citizen.

Reported asset forfeitures took place in the form of the IRS refusing to pay legitimate tax refund amounts to certain persons who had relatives that had been overpaid by Social Security: One overbearing hand of government washed the other mismanaged hand of government. That collusion and abuse of IRS and Social Security powers are an utter abomination. There is no excuse for the conspiracy among the respective officials of those agencies, who have egregiously attacked law-abiding US citizens in order to penalize OTHER persons who were overpaid by the Social Security system. 

There are now law suits against the IRS and Social Security as the victims of the government abuses attempt to gain restitution for their losses.

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