Wednesday, April 22, 2015

VA Benefits Can Bite Vets' Rights

To ALL my fellow veterans... BE VERY CAREFUL when applying for VA benefits! Consider the implications and consequences of signing up for VA handouts... even if you really deserve or need them!! Whatever reason you give for requesting benefits, that could be turned into a governmental justification for depriving you of constitutional Rights. This is no joke! Certain politicians have been running around stirring up the public by saying that all veterans are PTSD-crazy and shouldn't have guns, yet they are probably hiring PTSD-ridden former cops or military, as their personal bodyguards. The PTSD-fearing anti-gun mania has worked its way into doctors offices and the Veterans Administration... and they want to manage our finances too, from the looks of it.

U.S. Army
Viet Nam War
Class of 1967

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