Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tannerite Sues "The Today Show": Tannerite NOT a "Bomb" Under Federal Law

Was the word "bombs" used as ignorant name-calling for the sake of entertainment and air-time market-share, or as a deliberate attempt to mislead the public? I'm sure there will be a lot of rumors and speculation about that, but we may never know the whole truth about why The Today Show chose to call Tannerite products "bombs". 

As a result of the Today gaff, Tannerite Sports, the company that has been making patented exploding targets for the last 20 years, has sued The Today Show for its libelous and slanderous misrepresentations of Tannerite products. 

NBC, The Today Show, and a local NBC affiliate are being being called on the legal carpet for publically misrepresenting the Tannerite products as “bombs”. The following article explains some of the Tannerite case, and why Tannerite is NOT classified as a “bomb” under federal law.

This legal conflict over nomenclature and function makes the point that we must all continue to stay awake, on guard, and vigilant about confronting and fighting against the lies that are perpetrated about firearms. 

If we tire of the battle to retain our Rights & Freedom, we shall make ourselves into slaves. As has been said, many times, by many people, "Our freedom isn't free."

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