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What Do Gun Control & Syphilitic Madness Have in Common? Politicians!

The email at the bottom of this post is, yet another, typical non-committal response from our  U.S. (non)Representative in Washington, D.C. He is pretty much a knee-jerk Obama-sycophant Democrat. His email comments to me follow a message that I had sent to him protesting the unconstitutionality of the BATF's proposed ban on 'green tip' .223 cal. ammunition. 

Over the years, I have sent 'the gentleman' numerous factual messages that have received his lavishly-worded, and similarly dismissive, responses, with little to no evidence of his having rationally processed the facts that I had sent to him. Officials like that simply don’t understand, or do not want to understand the facts of life and truths of science, such as, that 'armor-piercing' is a matter of degree, or that a handgun fires the same bullet at strikingly lower muzzle velocity and muzzle energy than a long gun. Busy in his bowing to Obama, this (non)Representative of our part of Connecticut has little to no clue that any round that MIGHT be armor piercing out of a long gun is virtually guaranteed to NOT be armor piercing out of any normal length handgun commonly on the market. While ‘green tip’ ammo may be rated as able to pierce light body armor when fired out of a rifle, it is highly unlikely that an off-the-shelf munition would be able to penetrate light body armor when fired out of a nominal length off-the-shelf handgun. Politicians hate facts, so they ignore them. But, let us, the citizenry, not be as willfully ignorant as "our leaders" are. (May God help them, and us, to wake up before we allow them to totally ruin our Nation!)

There has been a HUGE flap about 'green tip' .223 cal (5.56mm) ammo, but, in short, IMHO, the furor over ‘green tip’ ammo as handgun ammo, or as armor piercing ammo, is utter foolishness. Here are some charts to show muzzle velocity and muzzle energy comparisons for .223 caliber ammo versus popular .45 caliber ammo. This helps to demonstrate the unrealistic prejudice of anti-gunners and politicians against the diminished penetration power of .223 cal ammo when it is fired out of a handgun. Compare the munitions even up to a six inch barrel length. Very few people choose to carry a bulky six inch barrel handgun for normal/legal concealed carry! And, when was the last time anyone, including the anti-gun media, or the false-gods Bloomberg and Obama, heard of anyone being shot with any 'green tip' ammo, out of anything owned and operated by any law-abiding citizen?

Well, enough ranting... here are the testable results for anyone interested in truth, facts, science, or rational thinking:
Muzzle Velocity of .223 cal rounds:
Muzzle Energy of .223 rounds:

Muzzle Velocity of .45 cal rounds:
Muzzle Energy of .45 cal rounds:

.223 cal. is normally rifle ammo. Based on the referenced charts, the bottom line is that, even out of a 6” barrel handgun, off-the-shelf .223 rounds may develop between about 440-460 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, whereas off-the-shelf .45 rounds may develop about 380-600 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. For the .223 cal. round, that is only about 35% of the muzzle energy that that same round would have exiting the muzzle of a minimally legal 16” barrel on a short rifle.

Please remember, also, that, due to wind resistance and other factors, the kinetic and potential energy levels, of an in-flight round, drop off with every yard after it leaves the firearm muzzle. There is no escaping the fact of significant actual energy losses between the muzzle and point of impact. There are, probably, various sites on the internet that do such calculations.

If anti-gun politicians and officials are going after the less aggressive muzzle energy of the .223 cal., right now, it will not be long before they go after the more aggressive hitting power of .45 cal. rounds. With every backdoor move of theirs, like this recent attempt to ban the .223 ammo, they demonstrate that they simply want to take away all our guns and ammo by any method that they can use and justify, hoping that one gun-loving segment will ignore the plight of their brethren firearms users. The anti-gun crowd is continually weaving snares with which to catch us all, and by which to deprive us of our constitutional Rights and our rightful Property, even as the former Attorney General and current Attorney General Nominee have waved their wands and the property Rights of many disappeared. That, too, can be used against law-abiding citizens, even as the IRS has done for decades.

Furthermore, whether law-abiding citizens want or choose to use ‘green tip’ .223 cal. ammo in rifles or handguns is wholly immaterial, as our Constitution does not establish types of guns or ammo for civilian use or for military use. Constitutionally speaking law-abiding citizens, whether military or civilians, are all part of the common defense. And, in harmony with that truth, the great and constant irony of the furor about banning ‘green tip’ ammo from use by law-abiding citizens is that, while politicians are crying that their reasoning for such a proposed ban is to protect police, criminals still can, and do, get their hands on that, and all sorts of arms and ammo, as they please, through their usual channels of supply. But, law-abiding citizens are NOT part of the supply chain for criminals.

And, guess what! It’s the criminals, not the responsibly-armed, law-abiding citizens who are the ones shooting at the police! So, all the current efforts to ban the .223 ‘green tip’ ammo are just more anti-gun-boondoggle failures by politicians, under the guise of protecting police. During these last 104 years, since New York implemented the Sullivan Act (WOW! is THAT ever a twisted story and a half about the REAL motives behind gun control laws!!!!), politicians have continued to legislate and issue edicts to remove and restrict more and more guns and ammunition from law-abiding citizen access. Yet, the politicians remain wholly unable to curb the illegal arms trade, or do they really want to stop it? Some of them even participate in it themselves. The prime example of the latter is anti-gun former California State Senator Yee, who remains under legal prosecution, and in the news, for questionably using campaign donations to help fight the illegal arms charges against him

Let's see now... Gun-control at its finest... The Sullivan Act is written by a mad syphilitic who wrote his legislation to protect his own gang members and was then incarcerated right after finishing the legislation (yes, that is all there in the link above), and today we have an anti-gun elected politician caught dealing illegal arms to finance his campaign, and after being caught and charged he uses campaign funds to pay legal fees to fight the charges of illegal arms dealing. Isn’t politics wonderful? What in the world do such utter failures of politics and human nature have to do with our Constitution, our Rights, and the responsibility of law-abiding citizens and their firearms and munitions? All the anti-gun laws on the books are in utter disregard for our Constitution and our Rights. What about the criminals? Well, it seems that the criminal has rights, even though he was caught red-handed, and doesn't want to do his time, as with most criminals. Oh, wait! maybe he just had a bad childhood, or had indigestion, or the guns made him do it! I don't think so. If he did the crime then he needs to do the time. Period. No one can blame the guns, in former Senator Yee's situation. Guns are NOT the problem in his or any other crime.

Want to stop all the attacks against our Rights and Constitution? THAT is NOT going to happen!! The attacks start before we're born and shall continue until the day we leave this world in death. However, we CAN fight against the attacks! “We, the People” have to get off the sidelines and into the game… that means all of us. We are the only ones keeping ourselves from actively participating in the full scope of what our Constitution says we are to do. We need our full Constitution-based team on the field in this struggle. WE are the only ones who can resist the evils that attack our Constitution, our Rights, our Nation, and our Persons. WE ARE THE TEAM, and the only way we shall restore constitutional government to our states and nation is to actively participate in the ongoing, life-long support and defense of our Constitution. We cannot afford to wait for anyone else to do our job for us.

Remember “One Nation Under God”? and “In God We Trust”?

By the mercy of Jesus Christ we shall prevail as we look to Him and to His Word, first, last, and always.


From: Congressman Joe Courtney
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2015 4:20 PM
To: Craig
Subject: In response to your message


Dear Mr. Szwed,
Thank you for contacting me regarding the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). I appreciate your comments and having the benefit of your views.
As you know, the ATF recently proposed new restrictions on the sale and manufacture of 5.56mm "green tip" ammunition. While this type of armor-piercing ammunition has been available under an exception for hunting and sporting to laws restricting access to armor-piercing bullets that could be used in handguns. In its proposed rule, ATF recommended eliminating this exception due to the development of handguns that can fire this category of ammunition. On March 10, 2015, the ATF announced that it was pulling the rule from further consideration and would study the more than 80,000 comments received on the proposal before taking any additional action in the future. 
Again, thank you for sharing your views on this issue with me. Should you have any additional comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me in the future. For more information on my work in Congress, please visit my website at and sign up for my e-newsletter at can also connect with me at or receive updates from



Member of Congress

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