Monday, March 21, 2016

"To the Unknown God"? You CAN Know Him!!!

I trusted the Lord Jesus Christ over 32 years ago, on March 15th, 1984. Since then I've noticed a tragic tendency in the world, at tendency of which I was unaware until I did trust Jesus and His Word, the Bible. The tendency to which I refer is that the world blinds people to God and people love to be blinded so they can try to avoid thinking about their responsibilities and accountability to God. Here are some quick comparisons to demonstrate my point.

Instead of holding to Divine Absolutes of good and evil, the world pushes Relativism. Instead of trusting the Word of God and His promises, the world pushes Secularism. Instead of Faith in the exclusive things that God prescribes for our good, the world pushes the Paganism of Multiculturalism.

Relativism, Secularism, and Paganism were the idols of ancient societies and they are still the false gods of the modern world. Thousands of years ago the Apostle Paul walked around Athens and commented to the Athenians that they were too superstitious, in that among their idols they had set aside a blank space labeled and saved for "The Unknown God". Talk about trying to cover all their bases while committing to nothing! Likewise, today, the superstitutious modern world revels in its lusts, self-centeredness, and debaucheries while trying to dodge responsibility and accountability, struggling to balance all cultures and all faiths, committing to none, claiming to be offended if anyone takes a stand or claims that that world view is not in harmony with God's view.

Someone once told me, "People who stand for nothing will fall for anything." The false gods and false religions of Relativism, Secularism, Multiculturalism, and Paganism all show that statement to be true, as the deeds and objectives of those false gods and false religions continually undermine how God says our personal lives and our societies are to be conducted. There is a desperate need for personal and national repentance. Come join with God in His Christ to allow Him to change your life for the better and to bring you into the bosom of His love and mercy.

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