Monday, December 22, 2014

MRAPs, Deputies, Politics, and Our Constitution

There is much going on in our Nation, today, to polarize and demoralize U.S. citizens, including the issue of MRAPs in local police departments. The real question is whether or not we shall choose the right path, to do right, as individuals, despite the modernistic relativism that plagues our society. Are we going to abide by moral and social absolutes to do what is right? Or shall we cave in to fear, worldly power, convenience, or popularity? Shall we allow fear-mongers or elitists to pit us against one another, so that they can divide and conquer us to suit their own desires and ambitions? In opposition to destructive worldly influences, we MUST cling to our Foundations, as President Kennedy is seen saying in the third video below (time-stamp 22:18).

IF we expect to live as a free nation, as did our forebears, then WE MUST return to the Bible and its principles, and WE MUST support and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those of us who choose to follow God, His Word, and our Constitution must "hang together", as Ben Franklin said, regardless of any fear, or else we shall be hung separately for believing and doing right. We know that our Founders worked out and wrote down our Constitution correctly, for it explains our Natural Rights and Responsibilities so that any average person can understand them, in spite of all the attorneys out there trying to confuse our citizens and make us think that we are too stupid to read the Constitution for ourselves. Those attacks against our Constitution and our citizens are the manipulations of self-interested power-brokers. As law-abiding U.S. citizens, it is our constitutional duty to not allow anyone to confuse or divide us, nor to undermine or destroy our Foundations, for, as the Bible says in Psalm 11:1-3:
1  In the LORD put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?
2  For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart.
3  If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? 

Do NOT allow yourself to be swayed by any excitable language used by anyone representing any argument, especially in these issues, for our existence depends on your humble and rational determination to do what is right. Do your homework: research and prove the sources and intents of all parties involved in this and every debate.

1) What is an MRAP (pronounced "em-rap")? It is a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. Aside from recycling military surplus, as has been done after many wars, why are MRAPs being deployed in local police departments? Are they being sold to private citizens also? Here are a variety of comments and opinions: 

2) Recently, a lot of internet "fur" has been "flying" about a deputy’s public comments that suggest that some MRAPs are needed by police or politicians' fears because of some law-abiding citizens stockpiling guns or ammo. The term “constitutitonalists”, as used by the deputy, sounds less than flattering to people who believe in strict adherence to our Constitution. This video contains what his sheriff called a “3 second” out of context comment by the deputy. As you shall see, the video is much longer than the alleged “3 seconds”, and seems to provide sufficient context for citizens' concern. 

3) Supervising sheriff’s explanation about MRAP and his deputy's comments, in light of other public policies and official efforts, nationwide. Questions are raised about why elitists are trying to polarize our citizens. Sheriff claims to believe in and support Constitution, yet talks about extremists who follow Constitution. Does his department’s record bear up under scrutiny? Is the DOJ examining the Spokane Sheriff’s Department to bring it in line with presidential anti-gun policy or to correct internal anti-rights excesses? 

4) Washington State Rep sounds off about the issue in Spokane. Maybe he’s playing to the crowd, maybe not. True, godly leadership is doing what is right, no matter what the consequences or risk to self.: 

We must NOT allow public excitement to deter us from our resolve to defend and live up to God's Commandments and the Rights and Responsibilities of enumerated in our Constitution. 

God bless you as you seek and obey Him through His Word, and responsibly defend our Constitution. Remember that Christ Jesus doesn't need our Constitution, but our Constitution needs Jesus Christ.

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