Friday, January 22, 2016

Shall U.S. Citizens Still Allow Government to Dictate?

No matter what reasons people may give, there really is NO EXCUSE for our Nation being led down the decaying path that it is on. In spite of poor voter turnouts at the election polls, poor turnouts that have led to some very poor choices being allowed into our government halls over the past eighty years, or so, there really are more than enough citizens available and capable of stopping the decay of our Nation. Well, ... that is, IF..., IF we are willing to stop hiding and complaining, and then to start doing the WORK of being responsible citizens these United States of America.

Being responsible citizens means getting out of shadows, or at least shedding an abundance of light where we are in those shadowy places. Being responsible citizens means exercising ALL of our biblical and constitutional responsibilities in our own lives and with respect to our families and our communities, locally and nationwide. When Cain killed his brother Abel, Cain sarcastically said to God, "Am I my brother's keeper?" God knew exactly what had happened and held Cain accountable for killing Abel, even though Cain seemed to think that he might be able to hide behind a wisecrack answer. Many of us, today, are no different, but there is no hiding from God.

Just as there is no hiding from God who sees and knows everything, there is, also, Z-E-R-O reason for any of us to fear our government, IF we are truly law-abiding citizens. We have God's spoken Word telling us to do what is right. We have the written biblical mandate to do what is right. We have the constitutional mandate to do what is right. And, we have the mandate of natural social law telling us to do what is right. With all those clear and present things telling us to do what is right, what have we to fear? Really?

While there are those who yammer on about how awful society has become, and there are those who shriek in fear of what criminals or the government might do to them, those complainers and fearful souls do not realize that by their angst they have quit the battle against evil, and thereby they have already declared themselves dead and useless in the cause of what is good. Their tendency to action has caused them to quit. They have allowed their fears to paralyze them and keep them from standing up and fighting against the evils in this world. To those who fight the good fight against evil, the paralysis and laments of the first group are useless. Yet, even nature shows us that dead wood might be set ablaze and turned into a wildfire.

Take heart that the smoldering embers of godliness and righteousness have NOT been quenched by all the evils in this world. Though evil yearns to force its darkness upon all of us, yet, if we are willing to let righteousness have its own way in our lives, then biblical and constitutional righteousness can catch that spark in our lives. And, as we allow righteousness to bring us together as coals in a campfire, we can allow the breath of God to urge and stir us into a flame, and then into a bold, warming, illuminating blaze benefiting all U.S. citizens. All we need to do is let the breath of God into our lives and encourage us to choose to take one more step, one more breath, speak one more word, help one more person, resist one more evil, for even just one more moment. As such, through all our actions that resist evil and support that which is good, each of those good things benefits all of us. Those who have trusted in the God of the Bible can trust His promises. We can also count on God's Word, God's Spirit, and our laboring desire and our actions that encourage goodness prevail. We have all those things on the side of righteousness. Now it is just a matter you and me submitting ourselves to the principle of standing up for godly righteousness, instead of falling for worldly preferences, yearnings, or worldly powers.

As I think of the Second Amendment furor that is raging in our Nation, I am, sometimes, baffled by the fear and moral weakness of many citizens who say they love our Bill of Rights yet they do little or nothing other than hide from the powers that be. Too many of our citizens allow the braying of our enemies to depress or terrify them. How is such fear of lame braying possible when most citizens say, on or off the record, that they want the Bible and our Constitution to be the Law of our Land, once again? There must be some moral or spiritual fear that cripples our citizens, for surely we do not lack the worldly, physical arms with which to defend ourselves against any domestic or foreign enemy that might attack us.

Even such a socialistic U.S. president as Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, "Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself". So, let's get our hearts, minds, spirits, and lives right with God, and then get busy rebuilding our Nation according to our Constitution.

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