Friday, April 8, 2016

Oxford University Says "Political Correctness" Dumbing Down USA

A recent commentary by Oxford University observes that "political correctness" is dumbing down US history and US minds. If you doubt the accuracy of that allegation, I highly suggest that the reader investigate the Google Search results in the following link. The stated comments are historically accurate and have great historical significance and weight. Historical significance and weight carry with them the value of observation that has often been achieved at great personal pain or loss. That former pain or loss of our forefathers can lead us and lend to us a great potential for learning... IF "we, the people" wish to learn and grow constructively, as individuals and as a society. However, in modern US society, there is, in certain highly vocal circles, far more desire to live in fear of offending others than there is desire to tell the truth and set the record straight.

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