Sunday, September 18, 2016

Political Advice To Grandchildren

To my grandkids, as you come of age to vote:

A lack of godly wisdom, not the age of the voter, is the real issue in society and politics, especially for those voters who vote with their cravings, feelings, or hormones. It is a great personal and social weakness to fail to vote according to godly principles. Only when our votes are based on biblical and constitutional principles do we shed light on our society and improve our mutual condition.

In some political circles, the voters may love a particularly favorite sin of theirs, or they may be afraid of personal responsibility, or they may not have much experience, or hold responsible jobs, or have any significant family concerns to help make them realize their responsibilities and duties to God and to our Constitution.

In other circles, certain rich people, like the Clintons, refuse to give away all their own money, BUT they try to take away other people's hard earned money. Those, like the Clintons, think that by increasing taxes on us, taking our money, and putting our money into government coffers, that their socialistic government programs can fix everything by throwing money at problems. But, those same people fail to accept how much money the government wastes every year, through all the declensions overhead costs and superfluous programs. Socialists, like that, take away our money, save their own money,  and then give away our money to support their own favorite programs, even when most of the rest of us citizens don't want to be taxed for all those socialistic giveaway programs.

Our government is too big and too invasive in everyone's personal business. Our country continues to be in a major financial crisis that even your own grandchildren will not be able to pay off. Our people cannot tolerate any more heavy taxation or expensive give away programs. Voters need to take responsibility and vote to stop the destructive liberal and socialistic spending that is undermining our nation's stability and security. Voters need to stop all the government programs that are robbing US workers of their livelihoods and that are undermining people's sense of personal responsibility to God, to our Constitution, and to each other.

I am not saying these things to scare you, but to let you know the truth about some of the real problems our nation is facing. If people continue to refuse to change their attitudes and their ways, if we, as a nation, do not return to doing things God's way and to the principles of our Constitution, then our nation shall continue to fall apart with increasing rapidity.

Elections should never be about trying to elect popular people or because someone is rich or poor, or of a particular sex or color. According to our Constitution, elections are supposed to elect candidates of God moral character, who also have proven themselves to be capable managers, trustworthy, and who support and defend our Constitution, and what it says.

Elected officials are required to take the oath of office, and in that oath they promise to support and defend our Constitution... But too many hired, appointed, and elected officials forget or ignore their oath of promise and they go against the rules of our Constitution. Whenever any government officials break their promises to support, defend, and uphold our Constitution, they are working to break down our Nation and do not deserve to remain in office, but should be ousted by the voters.

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