Saturday, February 25, 2017

Heart-Wrenching Video About Not Being a Victim: Resist Evil

I shared the following video link last year, sometime. Yet, it bears watching again. Remember to observe the guy’s ‘time machine watch’ in order to help understand the video.

The principle of defense that is shown in the video can help stop innocent people from becoming victims of violent criminals. We must stop apologizing to criminals. We must stop apologizing for criminals. Criminals are the ones who choose to fight against the rest of society. Criminals are the ones who need to be stopped.

It is NOT "the fault" of law-abiding citizens that we are alive and pursuing our lives. It is NOT law-abiding citizens who are the great abusers of firearms in our society.

Throwing blanket anti-citizen, anti-rights gun laws over society, cripples our ability to defend ourselves, while opening 'gun-free' zones in which criminals can readily operate their enterprises or engage their lusts with reduced risk of death or injury, because the criminals know that most law-abiding citizens will honor 'gun-free' zones. The moral, social, and political logic of 'gun-free' zones is weighted toward evildoers.

Furthermore, refusing to execute godly judgment on criminals, is NOT the answer to criminal violence. Here in Connecticut, the government took away the death penalty for a host of crimes, even though God has never removed the death penalty from His list, as anyone can read in the Bible.

Power brokers say that "the people" want gun control, when the people really want crime control. But, the politicians and the fearful hide behind unconstitutional laws that concentrate power in smaller and smaller groups without honoring the spirit of our founding documents that encourage everyone to RESPONSIBLY, LAWFULLY, stand up and be counted in the pursuit of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". However, as a case in point, Chicago, Illinois, has some of THE most oppressive firearm laws in our nation, when it comes to discussing constitutional rights, yet, Chicago is still one of the highest murder cities in our nation.

Ironically, years ago, out of the University of Chicago’s Economics Department came a study, and then a book by one of the authors of that study, showing that it is NOT anti-firearms laws that stop crime, but the attitude and willingness of citizens to stand up against evil and to be armed for the eventuality of conflict with evil. But, politicians and fearful people would rather hide behind false promises of ineffective laws (that criminals ignore), than to take responsibility for encouraging citizens to help resist evil by armed means, if necessary. Too many people are willing to blame police for crime, but there are not enough police in the world  to deal with every sin and crime that is committed. We cannot fix the sin part of human nature, on our own, except by personal "repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ", BUT, we can prepare to defend ourselves against the violence that violent criminals would like to perpetrate against us.

Do NOT be a victim! The Bible says that we are to treat each other with love, respect, and protect each other from evil. Those are our God-given natural rights and obligations to each other. Our US Constitution, also, says that we have the “self-evident”, “unalienable right” to arm and defend ourselves.

Do NOT let politicians, or misinformed, or prejudiced people tell you that you cannot or should not arm yourself against violent criminals, whether you are in your home, on the street, or anywhere else in this world. If you happen to be a person who has a knee-jerk reaction against firearms and self-protection, no one is forcing you to arm yourself. But, ask yourself why politicians and rich people have such a heavy reliance on body guards, police, and arming themselves. They seem to desperately care about protecting their own lives and their families, but they seem to want YOU to be the scapegoat prey that distracts criminals away from them.

If you and I don’t care much about each other but happen to be out walking in the woods, and a very hungry bear comes along, I do not have to run faster than the bear, only faster than you. Escaping violent crime is no different, if we do not arm ourselves, or stick up for one another against the evils around us. Firearms in the hands of responsible, law-abiding citizens, help to level the fight for righteous living in a righteous society. But, our society seems to love sin and crime far more than godly living, for a long time, now.

To paraphrase a bumper sticker:
IF matches are the motivation and hand that set arson fires, then guns cause violence and pull their own triggers.

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