Thursday, February 28, 2019

R U Looking 4 Excitement? Read Revelation!!

The words 'fun' and 'entertainment', these days, are bandied about like so much dandelion fluff on a windy day. People are almost continually searching for new ways to titillate, stimulate, and terrorize themselves to get their hormonal juices moving. Little do most people realize that it is mostly sin and selfish interests that we chase so ardently. Pleasure, excitement, or adrenaline 'rushes' in the moment are worshipped as gods, drawing us away from the holy and godly things in life, putting us under the influence of that which blinds and  harms us and those around us. 

IF we are honest with ourselves we know this to be true and that we should repent of our selfish lustful ways. IF we are honest then we should have no problem picking up God's Bible and reading the horrors that human sin shall bring upon itself, as discussed in Revelation. God begins Revelation with comments and rebukes to those who have believed on Him and His Christ. From there He shows how terrible the world shall become for seven years of testing and torment for those who currently reject and neglect the only salvation that God offers to humanity, through our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess at God's final judgment. People, today, in their ignorance of themselves and their willful sin, blame God for the terrible things that happen while they continue to try to hide their sin or blame others for its consequences. Make no mistake, anyone who goes to Hell or the lake of fire, or into the great tribulation period has paddled their own boat to get there, simply because they will have rejected the salvation offered only through Christ Jesus. From the Beginning, God has given each of us ample knowledge and evidence of Himself and His Christ, throughout life, and it has been up to us, personally, whether we choose to live with Him for eternity, in Christ, or we choose to live separated from Him and His Christ, in the eternal torments that accompany that godless, sinful choice and existence.

Please do NOT waste the precious blood of Jesus with which He paid for all your sin. Trust Him and call on Him right now to save your sinful soul and preserve you for all eternity. Get saved, another way of saying be born again of the Spirit of God, and then get baptized and join a Bible believing local church. Reach out to the rest of the God-hating lost world to see if you can help others return to God and His Christ instead of watching them all paddle themselves swiftly into the fires of eternal torment.

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