Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Where Does It Hurt? How Do You Deal With Your Pain?

Do your joints or muscles hurt?
Do you have migraines?
Is your heart broken over some grievous loss?
Is your mind troubled by earthly woes and cares?
Are you feeling overloaded by everything that life seems to throw at you?
Is your spirit or soul troubled by the life you live or the world around you?
Have you lost your joy?
Are you chasing happiness and fun, yet feeling life is pointless?
Have you become frustrated and angry by not getting the things you want, when you want?
Does it seem that no matter what you do, of right or wrong, that others get away with things for which you get punished, or they gain what you lose?

Every ache, pain, suffering, loss, gain, joy, sorrow, shall all be dealt with by God, both now and eternally. The ONLY way for us to effectively cope with the trials of this one life that we are given is to accept and surrender to the ONE WAY that God has provided for dealing with all things in this life. God says, "Casting all your care on Him; for He careth for you." (1 Peter 5:7). Who is that HIM upon whom we are to cast all our care, all our suffering, all our pain, all our longing? And what about what must we do to deal with the exceedingly great weight of our sin in every one of our lives?

The ONLY way for any of us to be saved and to have a positive eternal outlook can and shall survive God's scrutiny is that we MUST accept, trust, and surrender to God's biblical way of salvation, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember that the Bible did not invent God, but God gave us the Bible as THE one Owner's Manual for human existence. We are not our own, but we have been bought with the price of the blood of Christ Jesus. We deal with that by, either, choosing to reject Him and His salvation, OR we choose, in repentance and faith, to allow Him to have His way with our lives.

God's biblical way is the only open door that He offers to us; the ONLY one that God has EVER offered to humanity. IF we refuse to repent of our sin and step through that door that He offers to us, we shall have chosen to reject Him. Neglect, by default, is just another form of rejection. By neglecting and rejecting God's Christ, we snub the ONLY true friend we shall ever have for all eternity; the ONLY One who ever submitted to public torture, bloodshed, and death on our behalf.

By repenting of our sin, stepping out in faith, choosing and inviting Jesus Christ into our lives, we cross an eternal line that we shall never be required to cross again. By repentance and faith, we move our of the family of evil and sin (wherein we had attempted to deny or work toward God). By choosing Jesus Christ's salvation over all other earthly things and all other spiritual things, we shall have moved, by faith alone, into the family of God through our faith in the righteous blood, suffering, death, burial, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, who chose to take our place and our suffering on Himself, so that we could choose eternal life with Him instead of choosing eternal suffering.

Are you tired of a life of hopelessness and suffering? Let Jesus Christ bring His Life, Light, Peace, Joy, Patience, and purpose into this life that you find so distasteful.

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What happens to those who continue to neglect and reject God's peace offering and salvation? only lost people willing to repent will want to know about this truth

IF you still think that you are too sinful to be saved, remember that Jesus did not come here to save good people, "for there is none righteous, no not one." He hates all of our sin, but He loves us and gave Himself in our place, taking our punishment on Him, so that we can choose to have eternal life in and through Him... IF we will simply repent of our sin and accept HIM as the ONLY One who gave Himself in our place to pay for all of our sin, for He ALONE has already done that. It can never be undone. We MUST choose His offer of His salvation in this one life that He gives to us, for that offer only lasts until our earthly body dies, as He says, "...as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment...." Do not continue to choose to waste your life in sin or on sin. Choose Christ Jesus and His way, that you might will to live in and with Him forever. Amen.

I want to see you with Jesus, able to enjoy His blessed company forever.

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