Thursday, August 22, 2019

Global Warming, Guns, & Sin

I'm asking the reader to be rational and honest; to put aside feelings, preconceptions, and prejudices. Please, be honest with yourself and God as you answer these questions.

Isn't it completely irrational for people to blame human beings for messing up the weather with their claims that humanity and our life styles are prime drivers of global warming, while we are yet emerging from a great ice age? While they blame humanity for global warming, yet many of those same people also blame inanimate objects (guns) for violence and crime? How inconsistent and illogical is that?

Who or what are those same illogical fault finders going to blame if another ice age starts to return on the same grand scale as before it began receding?

Why are people blaming people for the continued and expanding thawing of continent covering ice that started thousands of years ago, before people had any control over fossil fuels, and before there were billions of people on this Earth?

Do those same complainers and blamers want to return to the life threatening Little Ice Age of the 17th through late 18th centuries, before the great flush of modern industrial influences that they all blame today? What irrational contortions must one entertain to arrive at the modern clamor naming people as the primary cause of ongoing global warming? Their historically inaccurate view of global weather patterns and human history warrants serious reprimand.

But, since they do blame people as the main driver of global warming, instead of recognizing the inanimate natural cycles of Earth, Sun, and volcanism as the major influences on global warming, why are those same people not blaming the human sin nature for crime and violence, instead of blaming inanimate guns that have no control over themselves?

It only stands to reason that if they refuse to find that natural causes predominantly drive global warming, then they must also find that inanimate things, in and of themselves, do not maim or kill people. If they are going to insist that global warming is primarily the fault of humanity, then they must also blame human sin for crime and violence. Yet, they fail to obey their own logic in either direction. Why?

God's Word says that people love their own sin so much that they worship themselves and their own sin, and that the god of sin has blinded them. People look for all sorts of things to blame because they don't want to deal with their sin the way that God commands us to repent of sin and accept the holy blood that His Christ shed to redeem us from our sin.

God has provided only one way of salvation, and that is only in and through His Christ, Jesus. "For there is none other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we must be saved."

Read John and Romans in the Bible, for yourself, that you should be fully convinced, for we shall all answer to God Almighty, either clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, or naked and ashamed in our sin. You s shall not be able to blame anyone for your choice for it is yours alone to make.

God bless you to repent and receive Jesus, before it's too late!

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