Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Political Reality Check

Political Reality Check: 

   1. In these United States of America, our State and Federal Constitutions and Bill of Rights (as crafted by our Founders)
are based in God’s Law (the Bible). Those Founding Documents give us a framework for social order that describes the mutual freedoms of our law-abiding citizens in terms of our personal and united Responsibilities & Rights, within the parameters of our Founding Documents. Our Rights & Responsibilities include the right of law-abiding citizens to vote for candidates who are seeking public office, and the Right to express grievances against official improprieties, with the expectation of the citizens being that their grievances shall be addressed and corrected by government or by the citizenry, in a timely manner. 

   2. All government officials taking public office promise to uphold and defend the Constitutions of the U.S. and of their respective State, depending on the office to which they are elected, appointed, or hired. 

   3. When will law-abiding citizen-voters start holding public officials accountable to the Constitution and to their oaths of office? When will normally responsible citizens stop hypocritically complaining about government and its officials, and stop passively tolerating government officials who repeatedly violate their oaths of office by disrespecting, attacking, or undermining their oaths and the very Constitution that governs their offices? When will law-abiding citizens get involved, vote to rid government of such violators, and elect constitutionally-minded officials?

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