Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman & Sons: Tammany-Style Bonnie & Clyde Act

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman may be sponsoring anti-ammo, anti-rights federal legislation that brings smiles to the faces of anti-gun people, but her family history and personal actions in office raise a lot of serious questions about the scope and tenor of the whole anti-gun movement, much akin to the hypocrisy of two California politicians, Senator Feinstein and Senator Yee., as well as Tammany Hall politician "Big Tim" Sullivan. In 1911,  Sullivan's contribution to the anti-gun movement, the “Sullivan Act”, went into effect in NY, so that his gangs and political machine could gain an upper hand at minimal risk. Legislation sponsor Sullivan suffered from syphilis which forced a judge to commit him to a mental institution, but his distorted anti-rights, pro-crime legacy lives on.

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman seems to have been walking in "Big Tim's" footsteps, as NJ's congressional sponsor of the newest attack against online ammo sales. Coleman's misguided attempts to regulate ammo sales should concern all law-abiding citizens...  AND, we should be gravely concerned about the fact that she has been exposed as having raised a two sons who are convicted felonious armed robbers. Her disastrous record does NOT stop there. She also tried to pass legislation that would have hidden her sons' unsavory history. This politician raised thugs for sons, abused her office to try to shield them, and now wants to control online ammo sales to law-abiding citizens!! She should have stuck to raising the kids right, and stayed out of politics! She wants protection for her sons, but she doesn't care if you can protect your family.

Law-abiding citizens need to fight against the ignorance, lust, emotion, and slovenly moral and political behaviors that are sucking the life out of our Constitution and our society. Not only do we need to cling tenaciously to God's Bible and our Constitution's language in order to defeat bad legislation, such as that proposed by Sullivan and Rep. Coleman, but we also need to seek the Christ of God who can help each of us to defeat the "sin that so easily besets us", lest we become like the corrupted politicians whom we have come to despise.

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