Saturday, October 3, 2015

Actions of Most US Politicians Prove They Support Mass Murder

The recent vote by the U.S. Congress (which will probably be approved and signed by the President) continues funding for Planned Parenthood's butchery of human babies. This action is further proof that our leaders really do NOT care one bit about any kind of mass murder that occurs in our Nation. Unholy politicians conveniently play politics with the firearms issue and yet have poured hundreds of millions, or even billions, of dollars into funding the hitlerian slaughter of our unborn children. ANY legislator, governor, president, judge, or citizen who approves, supports, or funds abortion is proving that they actively agree that premeditated murder is a good thing. They are therefore guilty of that sin by virtue of their support of it, or their refusal to work to stop it. Avoiding our moral duty does not obviate one's responsibility, as hiding, ignoring, or other means of trying to avoid direct action are decisions and actions in and of themselves. Every decision and every action has consequences, and God always sees what we do and what we refuse to do. When people approve of one form of premeditated murder, then they have opened the door for other people to justify the same. It logically follows that when the standards of God have been cast off in favor of relativistic justifications, a door opens for anyone to justify their own desire to kill large numbers of other people, as well.

IF our so-called leaders REALLY cared about human suffering and death, they would immediately set to work to STOP the abortion mills around our Nation. BUT, our so-called leaders continue to approve, protect, AND FUND the abortion killing zones that have slaughtered over 60 MILLION babies since the unholy Supreme Court approved Roe v. Wade.

Such politicians and other similarly immoral people are running in circles shrieking about firearms control, even though they have approved and allowed millions upon millions more children to be slaughtered by abortion than by firearms. In fact, MILLIONS more children have been killed by abortion than all the mass shootings combined, and continue to be butchered. Furthermore, the abortions mills of our Nation have executed millions more innocent children than the grand total of all people killed in all the wars in which our Nation has engaged since its founding!!

It is the bane of our Nation that the public continues to approve the monstrous sin of butchering millions and millions of our own innocent children. Such moral corruption is eating the heart, mind, and soul out of our people. Yet, morally corrupted people continue to make a huge stink about the few people who occasionally killed with firearms. Few? you say? Yes! Compared to abortions, the mass shootings in our Nation consist of a paltry few people being killed.

I mean no disrespect to the dead, for the dead NOW know exactly what I mean, even as Jesus pointed out concerning a certain dead rich man's ability to discern the truth that he'd ignored in life. I also do NOT intend to provoke the suffering of their families. BUT, when the bonfire of public outrage is set ablaze concerning a few people killed in shootings, why are we ALL not making a proportionately huge conflagration about all the millions of butchered babies who have been executed across our Nation? The less that we do to stop the sin of abortion the more that we are going to answer to God for all those millions of premeditated murders of our unborn children. We must repent of the evil of abortion if we every hope to see peace and domestic tranquility in our homes, streets, and government. IF we turn from this sin to God, then we shall find His hope, peace, and true domestic tranquility.

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