Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another of Mrs. Clinton's Lies...

In the third presidential debate of 2016, candidate Clinton boldly and arrogantly said that we, the USA, are "good". She calls God a liar when she says that, for God says that we have all sinned against Him, and by our sin we are NOT good. He is good. We are eternally delusional if we pretend otherwise.

By her calling citizens and voters of the USA "good" she hopes to flatter and deafen us to the truth of the sins that she and we commit and have committed personally and as a nation, including abortion, selfishness, lying, lust, homosexuality, cheating, stealing, threatening, bullying, hording, inordinate affection, idolatry, elevation of self above the Word of God, and many other things. There is only ONE WAY that we are going to make any right decision about the person for whom we should vote in this election: we must put aside our fears, emotions, and prejudices, and we must seek the Living God, Jesus Christ, and PRAY that for His help to choose the right president, whether that soul is currently a leading candidate or not on November 8th. God can deliver us by many or by few, even as He chose Gideon and a few to start the rout of a mighty army that was about to attack Israel.

Dear Jesus, You alone can deliver us from vile people and lying politicians. You alone can turn the hearts of each of us back to Your Word and godly principles by which You have always said that we need to live. You alone can help us to repent and turn in faith to putting your Word into action in our own lives that we might be a holy example to all those around us. Please help us to repent and praise You across this nation, that YOU be honored and glorified, for without choosing YOU FIRST, as our Supreme Leader, we have no hope and no reason to hope. Thank You, LORD!!!!!!! Amen. 

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